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  • October 6, 2012
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*Insiders special Crystal pendant offer – Powerful Tigers Eye embedded with scalar waves
*The Great experiments – and we’re all part of it.
*Two chances to win a Nu-Me Protective pendant.
*Nu-Me winner
*The Healthy Living Show is coming to town.

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Insiders special Crystal pendant offer – Powerful Tigers Eye embedded with scalar waves..


The Great experiments – and we’re all part of it.


Two chances to win a Nu-Me Protective pendant.


Nu-Me winner


The Healthy Living Show is coming to town.





Everything is in flux – us, our planet Earth and our solar system. Everything is in the process of change and doesn’t it seem at times that there is nothing to hold on to? Nothing seems stable. Natural disasters as our plant moves and erupts. Man-made disasters with wars and disputes. Personal disasters as relationships break down and people break down. Change, Change, Change.


All this change has an energetic component; well it is bound to, taking into consideration that we, and all things are vibrating energy. How can major upheavals happen without there being energetic changes too? And this affects us – big time as everything is energetically connected.  


But we plod on trying to cope in the only way we know how don’t we? We live in the way we have been taught to with all its limitations and limiting beliefs. No one’s fault we know, but isn’t it time to break the cycle and make some changes for the better.


Obviously we can’t do anything about planetary changes for they need to happen for their own reasons. But we can take charge of changes in our own life and make them positive and self-serving. And we can start by being kind to ourselves and understanding that all energetic changes will affect us because all things are connected. That doesn’t make us victims but it does mean that we have got to take an honest look at ourselves and say “Nothing will change for the better unless I change myself”. And then miracle of miracles that affects change in everything else.  



 Insiders special crystal offer – Tigers Eye to help with change


Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye Stunner


This stunning Tiger’s Eye Pendant embedded with Scalar waves, solfeggio frequencies. (Size = 60mm x 35mm – 2 3/8″ x 1 1/2″)  is more than a fashion statement – it will enhance your life.


Tiger’s eye is a very powerful, high vibration crystal especially for those seeking change within their lives and within themselves. It is of course embedded with Scalar waves of Solfeggio frequencies which enhance the Tigers Eyes own qualities to make it a very powerful aid in the quest to be all that you were born to be.


To read more/order


This offer is only available through our newsletter so if you want to pass it on to your friends you need to pass on this link as well:



Our amethyst pendant offer was sold out so please don’t hesitate and be disappointed with this one.


“Roll on daylight savings! More chance to show off the lovely amethyst pendant I bought from you. Yes I was lucky to get in I guess. I absolutely love it!” Michelle, New Zealand





You are part of the great experiments!



Do you remember signing up and giving your authority to take part in the grand EMF experiment? No, neither do I but, like you, I still get to endure living with 100 million times more radiation than my grandparents.

There is another experiment that we didn’t sign up for – test consumers for Genetically modified foods (GMO, Frankenfoods..).    

More GMO corn anyone?



Depending where you live you are very likely to be including GMOs in your diet without even knowing it. That’s ok, surely these have been fully tested as being safe for consumption, right? Wrong!


In one of the most recent studies done in France they discovered that Monsanto’s GMO corn-fed rats all developed tumours, experienced organ damage and had a shorter life-span as a result of their diet. One consequence of this is that the Russians have banned the importation of Monsanto’s GMO corn. Seems like a smart move to me! Read more..




The Nu-Me winner is:


Won me


Congratulations Cherry McGuire you are our silver Nu-Me winner please tell us which pendant / size you would like and the address that you want it sending to.




Two more chances to win a Nu-Me of your choice


If you didn’t win don’t despair you have two chances to win a Nu-Me of your choice:


Like us on our Life energy Solutions Facebook page to go automatically into a draw to win a Silver Nu-Me Protective Pendant.


And/or answer this really easy question:


“What is Geopathic stress?” You will find a little help here:




Answers to margie@life-energy.org please don’t hit reply as your answer may not reach the hat.


“Thank so much for making the Nu-Me pendant very affordable to me. It really works giving feeling of calmness, clarity of mind, sound sleep and more energy. Furthermore, it looks very nice and have been getting good compliment from my friends.” Romulo, Delano-USA



See you at Stand 71 the Healthy Living Show?


The first Healthy Living show in Auckland at the Viaduct Event centre in Auckland 2/4th November is a must for those that want to know about the latest and greatest in Healthy living. And for those that think boring -veggies and sacrifices, you haven’t a clue. The Healthy Living Show will prove that living healthily can be fun. Read more


Hope to see you there.


See you here

“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” -Warren Buffett


And some wisdom from Deepak Chopra “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”


Thinking of you,


Margie and David.


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