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  • October 7, 2013
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*Newly arrived Crystal Pendants at a special discount
*4 crystal pendants offer 3 more days by request
*FR*EE infinity solfeggio crystal pendant with every 4 pack of RadiSafe
*Win a Negater Shell
*Winners of the Ki-Bal competition
*Claim of cell phone causing brain cancer – another court case

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October 2013


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Exciting Offers

Newly arrived Crystal Pendants at a special discount

4 crystal pendants offer 3 more days by request

FR*EE infinity solfeggio crystal pendant with every 4 pack of RadiSafe 


Win a Negater Shell





Just arrived

Gorgeous oval Green Moss Agate and Lapis Lazuli crystal pendants

Embedded withSolfeggio frequencies

Special price of $29 for one week only

  They have just arrived and stock is limited so if you want to benefit from these super-sized crystal pendants that are very, very powerful don’t delay.


Two stunning crystal pendants embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies. The crystals are BIG and POWERFUL. This is jewellery that looks good and makes you feel good – what could be better than that?


These gorgeous oval shaped crystal pendants are 55cm x 55cm They come with a cord and a drawstring gift bag.  An ideal gift for yourself, or to benefit someone that you care about.

Normal price $39 

put  “oval” in the discount box when ordering and buy for

only $29.

Go here to order

This offer ends on 16th October and will not process with the special  offer of 4 crystal pendants for $98, or any other offer or discount code – sorry.


Special offer of 4 crystal pendants for $98 extended for 3 days


This offer has been so popular that we have given in to the pressure and are extending it for 3 more days.  We are almost out of stock on some of the crystal pendants so please understand that it is first come first served.  We hate to disappoint.

4 crystal pendants embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies

For only $98

We are helping you start your Christmas shopping early with meaningful, healing presents. The big discount of $58 means that you can give gifts that won’t break the bank yet looks like expensive and well thought out presents. They are cheap enough to give as gifts to colleges and acquaintances that you are usually scratching your head about. And what better stocking filler for those that you love.


We are giving you this offer because we know the healing power of these beautiful crystal pendants that not only have crystals with their own frequencies but also have the solfeggio frequencies embedded in them. A double dose of healing!


Choose 4 solfeggio pendants from our special crystal pendants. Be sure to put your choice in the comments box when you order.


Go here to order….


Stocks on some styles are very limited so be sure to order early. This offer ends on 12th October or while stocks last and unfortunately can’t be processed with any other offer or discount.

Special Crystals

News flash:  

redagate We now have new stock of Red agate crystal pendants embedded with Solfeggio frequencies. These can be included in the special crystal pendant offer.


“Thank you for the red agate crystal with its musical imprints. I am so pleased with it. At first I was a bit challenged by wearing it – almost like having a homeopathic aggravation.  After 5 or 6 hours I felt much supported by it, and a badly sprained ankle I had sustained a few days earlier really  

seemed to heal up.” M. Pawson.  



Claim of cell phone causing brain cancer – another court case


cellphone claim

Concerns about the link between cell phone use and cancer is growing. We are seeing more and more court cases concerning this. This must push manufacturers to be more honest about the health hazards from ionizing radiation, or in lay man’s terms microwave radiation from cell phones. Each court case brings public awareness and a step closer to having health warnings on cell phones in the same way as there is on cigarette packets. It was a battle to get those too.

An Illinois man files a complaint in the Illinois state court accusing Apple, RIM, Verizon Wireless Services LLC, Motorola Solutions Inc. and Samsung Electronics America Inc. of minimizing research showing the potential link between cell phone use and health problems, including tumours and cancer.



A fr*ee infinity crystal pendant embedded with solfeggio frequencies with every family pack of RadiSafe


  PJ infinity

With every family pack of 4 RadiSafe phone protectors get a FR*EE Picture Jasper Infinity crystal pendant embedded with Solfeggio frequencies

This offer is for 5 days only 



Protection on cell and cordless phones is essential, this will give protection against most of the ionizing radiation heating your head and doing damage. RadiSafe have been extensively tested by the manufacturer and are probably the most tested and effective phone protectors available – anywhere. See testing here ….


Be sure to put INFINITY in the comments box when you order.

This offer closes on 13th October and unfortunately will not process with any other offer or discount.



Win a negater Shell in this months competition



Win a beautiful Negater Shell by answering this easy question:

“What is the protective energy field of the Negater Shell”



You will find the answer here………….


Email your answer to  margie@life-energy.org


“I live the United States in New Jersey.  I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your product is, as if you didn’t already know.  My teenager was having night terrors for quite some time.  So I decided to search on the internet for something to help.  I came across your website and read about your products.  After reading your website, I noticed that we have a cell tower not far from our house and the amount of electronics in our home;   I decided to purchase the Negater Shell.  I have to say it is wonderful – he has not had a night terror in approximately 7 months.  He is getting restful sleep and so am I, since I don’t have to worry about him waking.

Since, I have purchased the p.e.bal for our home and the lovely pe bal key chain.  I guess I am writing mostly to thank you.  So THANK YOU!! Very Satisfied Customer”,  Kristin Young, USA

It is no secret that the Negater Shell is a favourite of mine. I carry mine everywhere and sleep with it under my pillow. A comforting and supportive friend. Its energy is gentle, like being caressed by a warm summer breeze. But its power can’t be denied – Organite at its most supreme, and pure.


“I received your Negater Shell yesterday afternoon & . . .  WOW. WOW. WOW. This product is spectacular. The energies resounding from this device are beyond any other product in this field I have tried before. This device tunes directly into the ‘feel good’ and ‘calmness’ centres in the person, and I especially feel energy moving up and around my temples when held in hand. The shell makes calming down and quieting my mind to receive cosmic impressions much more easy and natural. Thank you so much.” Alejandro Love, California, USA






The winners of the Ki-Bal competition




Congratulations to Rebecca Abbott and Janette King, you have each won a Ki-Bal.  Send your mailing address to jo@life-energy.org


If you didn’t win this time have a go at winning a Negater Shell.  You have got to be in to win – and it is so easy. We love hearing from you.


As the pace of life increases with time speeding up it seems as though we are either making “to do lists” for tomorrow or yesterday’s failures and fears haunt us. Caught between these two we stop living and merely go through the motions of it. A reminder that we only exist in the NOW

“Past and future are in the mind only – I am now.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

Enjoy the moment,


David, Margie and Jo

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