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  • November 30, 2016
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* 2 Day Flash Offer, * Fun with Skeptics, * Blog: What 15 Minutes on your cell phone actually does to your brain, * Last chance F.r.e.e. Draw.

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> Fun with Skeptics.
> Blog. What 15 Minutes On Your Cell Phone Actually Does to Your Brain.
> Last Chance F.r.e.e Draw.



We know that your email inbox (if it an anyway resembles mine) has been filled with “Black Friday” offers and “Cyber Monday” deals but we suspect that there has been nothing to protect you from your cell phone. We would like to rectify this with our own 2 day special on a RadiSafe to reduce the microwave heating of your head during calls and a Blockit Pockit, which will block all radiation from your phone in one direction (stop it going into your body) or you can block your phone from the network without turning it off.

We have also included a credit card blocker and a passport blocker to help with your security this holiday season.

Bought individually $65.80  Offer Price $39. Click on the image or here to access

“Just to let you know, I was changing phones and had not moved the protector disc (RadiSafe phone shield) over to my new phone. I wondered when I used it for the first time to try it out why my hand got hot and I felt tingling all the way up my arm until I realized I had not put the disc on it. As soon as I did, no problem what-so-ever!! Awesome products!” Carolyn Wilfred, NZ


Great fun with skeptics
We had some fun the other weekend with this little test. If you haven’t seen it, follow this link or click on the video. It provides the most fun with your most skeptical friends in that it completely proves the effectiveness of our Nu-Me pendant and, indeed, any other of our energetic products which might fit in a pocket. 
Watch their faces as you prove to them that you have just made them stronger (we would love a video of this – hint, hint). The true skeptic has nowhere to go after this !
Alternatively, if your friend has a competitor’s product you can see whether it is working and make a comparison.
“Thought I should give you some feedback about your fantastic products and technology. 
I bought a Nu-Me pendant from you beginning of last year as working in front of computers was draining me, I was living with a flatmate who was inadvertently bringing negative energy into the house and well, just as I am fairly EMF sensitive in general. Unfortunately I lost this first pendant down the dashboard of a workmate’s car. 
A few months later I went to stay with a friend in central Melbourne – I mean bang in the centre – in an apartment. With logging on to the net there via wireless we noticed there were at least 8 other wireless accounts/frequencies transmitting that our computer was picking up on. I think this was the main contributor to my condition. 

After the month I spent, although I had a great time in a fantastic city, I felt sluggish, tired, and was beginning to look rather grey in colour and my skin was even breaking out in a minor way. (these things us females notice!) 

In September I returned to Melbourne, this time with a replacement Nu-Me pendant and I spent 3 months there. This time what a difference! I was sleeping better, my skin was fine I had more energy I was working again in an office and to top it all off I was also at this time in the early stages of pregnancy – with which you could expect some degree of tiredness. I was experiencing none. I definitely recommend the use of this technology, and I feel it helps calm energy around it and myself.  ” Nina McDuff, N.Z
Check out the Nu-Me Skinny range here…



What 15 Minutes on your Cell Phone actually does to your brain.



In recent hu man history it is very common that we think that something introduced into our global society, isn’t harmful only to find out, in the years ahead, that this is not the case and it is very damaging to our lives and health. The obvious exam ple being cigarettes.
In today’s world our children are born into a society that introduces them to the wonders of technology such as cell phones and computers at a very early age. With the first generation of cell phone users now into adulthood, this technology has not been around long enough for us to see fully what lasting harm they cause.  But there is more ….. continue reading.
“Oh, the RadiSafe is nothing short of astonishing. I usually can’t deal with a mobile against my head for more than 10 to 15 mins due to a somewhat painful ‘tingling’ in head and hand, but I had a call for about 30 mins and didn’t feel a thing with the RadiSafe on the back of the phone. Wow!”   Steve Humphry, Australia
Win a Family Pack 3 worth $516.


If you are quick you still have a day to enter our biggest f.r.e.e. draw ever. 
Just answer this simple question and be in to win.
“The Family pack 3 includes one Nu-Me silver classic, one P.e.bal, one Ki-bal and ……”.
You can find the answer here ……..
Send your answers to margie@life-energy.org
This competition will be drawn at the end of November – so watch this space to see if you have won.
“Ki-bal is by far the most powerful portable shield in this universe. It protects us from EMF on the go even at the most destructive environment i.e. factory, hospitals, schools. Given its size, my son find it so cute to carry it everywhere. Small yet powerful and the best part about it is it doesn’t require grounding or charging. I use blue tag to stick 1 on my steering wheel, I attached 1 piece to my daughter’s bag, 1 in my son’s bag, 1 with my banking device in my bag and I still want more of these babies!” Brenda Pang, Singapore



Wishing you good reactions,


David, Margie & Jo.



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Newsletter November 2016

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