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  • November 21, 2018
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* What are the Solfeggio Frequencies and how do they relate to the chakra system?,
* LAST DAY to get this great combo with an exta FR*EE gift,
* QSB Update,
* QSB Christmas Combo,
* Bumper Prize Draw with 2 runners up,
* In my opinion.

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Christmas Combos and savings galore. New Stock with Scalar Waves in the Solfeggio frequencies. What the Solfeggio frequencies are all about. News about the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB) and the chance to win a Mega prize.






These hexagonal pillar wand pendants are embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies. They are approx. 3.5cm – 4cm in length and come with an extendable cord in an organza gift bag. Available in Sodalite, Ruby Zoisite, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise or Rose Quartz. Stocks of each are limited.



What are the Solfeggio Frequencies and how do they relate to the chakra system?




I suspect that some of you reading this article might know about the chakra system and some will also have heard of the Solfeggio frequencies. I also suspect there will be fewer people who are aware that the two subjects are very closely connected and that you can directly map each Solfeggio frequency to each of our chakra centres.


What is a chakra?
What are the Solfeggio frequencies?
What is the connection?











QSB Update.
The QSB family is growing fast. We welcome all new QSB owners including those who took advantage of the QSB’s 1st Anniversary offer. Don’t forget to join our forum where you can keep in touch with us and other owners, getting support if needed.
If you read last week’s newsletter you will know that we have been to Waiheke Island where, besides having a wonderful time, we signed up a new distributor. So, if you are on Waiheke and want to know more about the QSB or have a trial session we can connect you to her. Email margie@life-energy.org.
If you missed the Anniversary offer and want a QSB then a bargain is still to be had with our –







I have adrenal fatigue and have to sleep often during day for an hour or two………. I am using the QSB during this time or even while studying………   but then after a session or two (going through the frequencies) I find myself more energised and less stress – and I have an exam this week!!  So happy to feel less stressed.  I love having my QSB and knowing what potential it has. From the QSB forum.
Want to know more about the QSB watch our video here….
Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe 



In my opinion.
Humour is a strange thing, it varies with different cultures, ages, sexes and whether you can see the funny side of life at all. It was the opinion of one of our readers that our last-weeks Kermit cartoon was a ‘strange choice’. Now, I thought it laugh-out-loud funny and that is why I signed off with it. I was hoping to brighten your day – just a little. But it seems my humour may be a bit different from yours? Or not considered as humour at all?
I was once told to try and see the funny side of every situation however dire. I use this advice often and, although many years ago, have a vivid memory of seeking refuge in a not very savoury public loo when my life around me was turning to custard, wanting to sob my heart out. Or take the advice given and laugh at it all. I tried laughter. At first it was forced and almost turned to tears, then the absurdity of the situation hit me, and I laughed loudly and sincerely. Another lone person, that dared traverse the dark depths of that public place, thought I was mad and fled without even taking advantage of the facilities. This added to the absurdity, I laughed uncontrollably. Feeling much better, my problems were put into perspective. I was able to carry on.  
They say laughter is great medicine – and in my opinion it is. I feel that a lot of our newsletter deals with the difficulties we have to face, and overcome, in our lives, so I hoped leaving you on a cheery note, with hopefully a smile, or better still a belly laugh, would bring balance into your life. We all need that. In my opinion laughter makes us not only feel better, lighter in body and spirit, it helps us heal and be well. So, this week I will have another go.
Let me know your opinion email margie@life-energy.org


Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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