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  • November 24, 2017
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* Discounts on our Kinesioloy and Dowsing tools for 7 days only,
* Make this Christmas special – lots of offers,
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* Ask us a question,
* Quantum Scalar Box Update,
* Win a Nu-Me Skinny Copper – competition closes in 3 days.

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You do know the answer.
The Applied kinesiology was the name that Dr. George Goodhart gave to his discovery, in 1964, that the body always tells the truth. It cannot lie.

The truth makes us strong. Lies make us weak. In the same way if we touch/think something good we are strong. If it is bad, we are weak. By testing the body’s strength (muscle testing) we can prove this.

His discovery of Applied kinesiology was credited in 2001 in Time magazine as one of the top 100 innovators of medicine.

Applied Kinesiology is used by practitioners’ world-wide to help people, especially with health problems. Individuals are increasingly using it as a means of answering every sort of question from what is good for them to eat, to if they should commit to their lover.

So Applied kinesiology means testing a person’s response to questions (often by seeing the strength of an out stretched arm when pushed down). Within us our higher self or subconscious mind has the answer to all questions. We need to tap into that to get the true answers.

Dowsing it not new. It has been used for thousands of years to get the right answers, or find things. Water being a common one. History shows that it was used in North Africa 8000 years ago, in Egypt 4000 years ago, and even in the bible Moses used it to find water.

Using a pendulum for dowsing (divining) is not hard – it just takes practice. And we include all the easy to follow, step by step instructions you need.

Our Kinesiology and dowsing tools are a great way to determine the right custom frequencies needed from your QSB.


Discounts on our Kinesiology and Dowsing tools

For 7 Days only


The Izit
With full instructions on how to use



Crystal pendulums
embeded with scalar waves
With full instructions on how to use.




Make this Christmas special – lots of offers
Ask us a question.


Q.  I’ve received my p.e.bal a few weeks ago, and it changed my life (my sleep, my meditation, my dreams at night!!). I’m really keen to get some p.e.bals as Christmas gifts for my family, but I will have to travel with them to Canada from the UK. Will the flight change anything to their protective shield? Should they be in my hand luggage or in the hold, or does it matter at all? Should I have you send them straight away to Canada or would it be much more expensive? Pascale in the UK
A.  Great to hear that you are enjoying your P.e.bal. The energy will not be affected by them travelling and you can put them in your main or cabin baggage, but weight might be a consideration with hand baggage. But either way will be fine.
We can send them to Canada if you prefer, the shipping will the same as to the UK.
Thanks for your question it will be very relevant to many travellers, especially at this time of year.
Make sure that you are fully protected from EMF when travelling on planes and in motor vehicles as they both bombarded you with LOTS of radiation.

Quantum Scalar Box Update


If you have a Pre-Launch offer QSB which includes the upgrade package, that allows you to run custom frequencies, make sure that you join our forum where it is all happening. And be in the draw to win an android tablet in a smart leather look case with a keyboard.
We are planning a QSB online ‘chat’ after Christmas. Keep your eyes and ears open for news of when.
If you would also like to receive the special pre-launch offer  on February Launch stock


click the red button below.






The QSB Pre-launch offer to be received from Launch proper stock in December

Hit the Red Button to see the launch offer:


Win a Nu-Me Skinny Copper – competition closes in 3 days.



Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo, and Naomi

Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter December 2017

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