Newsletter November 2016

  • November 25, 2016
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* Quality Christmas gifts at under $19, * FR*EE RadiSafe for that special someone, * New stock just arrived, * FR*EE snake chain with amethyst wishing bottle pendants, * Zen in daily life, * Frequently asked question, * Win a whopping $516 worth of protection, * FR.EE scalar embedded crystal pendant with every order

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> New stock just arrived
> FR*EE snake chain with amethyst wishing bottle pendants.
> Zen in daily life.
> Frequently asked question.


> Win a whopping $516 worth of protection.
> FR*EE scalar embedded crystal pendant with every order.




Christmas is coming!
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$19 each 
3 HOPE Zen Stones 
3  Malay Jade pendants on silver snake chain 
One special price


Don’t need 6 gifts? Then share with a friend and you both save money.




*Malay Jade balances and stabilizes positive change.


3 beautiful HOPE stones that offer balance and protection from EMF and all unbalanced energy – with an inspirational card of HOPE – what better gift can you give.


Plus 3 exquisite Malay Jade* pendants embedded with scalar waves, on 18″ Stirling silver chains.


Glorious gifts that are even cheap enough to be stocking fillers! They come individually gift wrapped in drawstring bags.


This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer





“Received my Solfeggio Crystal pendant yesterday. Immediate reaction once around my neck was the calming effect!!” Hugh, Australia




FR*EE RadiSafe Phone Shield 
For ONE WEEK only 
When you buy that gift for someone special



This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer.

The LOVE Zen stone says it all.  A gift of love that offers protection for a whole household. It comes with an inspirational card and in a gift bag.

The Limited Edition Nu-Me Skinny Square protective pendant is a gorgeous piece of silver jewellery that offers balance, protection and wellbeing – a real gift for the one you love and want to keep safe.   It is fully reversible with Swarovski crystals on the Life Energy coil side.  This offers two completely different looks.  It is embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies.
The FREE 2mm silver snake chain gives it that million-dollar look!  
They come gift wrapped in a drawstring pouches.
And for one week a FR*EE RadiSafe phone shield and a special Christmas gift box.





“I have bought quite a few different EMF protection products from you over the past year and have also recommended them to friends who have also purchased protective items from Life Energy Designs.



One person asked me ‘how do you know if it is working’ my response was…I have regular Bicom sessions for health related challenges and I used to get checked regularly for radiation and need to be treated for this; sometime after using your products I realised I hadn’t been checked for this for a while, when we did the last check there wasn’t any radiation to treat…’that is how I know they are working :-)” Suzi Campbell, Nelson, NZ



Zen in daily life.



Zen is a state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being and a state of mind. Zen means seeing beyond the illusion or distortion of our thoughts.

I think that I am at stage zero in my journey to living the principles of Zen. Zero being the stage where I have looked at my messy office and the way I try to multi-task (pretty unsuccessfully, by the way) and then compared to how I might live my life if I applied a bit of Zen and thought hmmm – should be worth a try.


So, thanks to an informative site: zenhabits.net I now know how to live like a Zen Monk. All I need to do is:   read more here….


Frequently asked question.



Q.Will Zen stones do the same job as the P.e.bal, Ki-Bal and Chi-Shell?
A.Yes, yes, and yes. The protective field of the P.e.bal is 18 meters (19.7 yards). The protective field of the PEACE Zen stone is 17 meters (approx. 18 yards) and the LOVE Zen Stoneis 21 meters (approx. 23 yards).
The protective field of the Ki-Bal, Chi-Shell and HOPE Zen stoneare all 14 meters (approx. 15 yards).
They will all do an excellent job of balancing and protecting from all unbalanced energy including electromagnetic radiation which will greatly aid your health and wellbeing.




“Shared your page and….BIG shout out for Life Energy Solutions… Excellent products, Highly recommended. I have the P.e.bal and Ki-Bal (key ring version of the P.e.bal). I have placed the radiation shield blocker on the portable landline phone. I wear the Nu-Me pendant often with a clear quartz enhanced with scalar and solfeggio frequencies and the bracelet, the one just posted. Great prices also. Fast prompt service. :-)” ~*~ Karollina posted on Lifeenergysolutions face book page.





New Stock just arrived.


Great for Christmas presents or stocking fillers our new crystals embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies won’t max your credit card. They will be beneficial and say how much you care. No present can do more.
Amethyst wishing bottle pendants measures approx. 2.5cm x 1cm and comes with an extending cotton cord and in a gift pouch making it an unusual present for young and old alike. Give someone you love a wish this Christmas.



Newsletter November 2016

Newsletter November 2016

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