Newsletter November 2017

  • November 11, 2017
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* All pre-launch sotck of QSB NOW SOLD,
* Having your say,
* Last day to get a fr*ee bag of solfeggio embedded crystals with our Xmas packages,
* Quote,
* One stress too many,
* Ask us a Question,
* Win a Nu-Me Skinny Copper.

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All Pre-Launch Stock of QSB


The response to the pre-launch of the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB) showed us that the world is ready for this technology. To all of you that now have a QSB congratulations and enjoy the benefits you will receive from using it. Lots of new owners have fed back to us the benefits they are already getting, it does our hearts good, thank you all for sharing with us.



Because we had so many disappointed customers that tried to place orders after our pre-launch stock was all sold, we decided to give them the same pre-launch offer from new stock expected Mid to late December in preparation for the Launch proper to the general public in 2018.


If you would also like to receive the same special pre-launch offer on this stock click the red button below.






The QSB Pre-launch offer to be received from Launch proper stock in December

Hit the Red Button to see the launch offer:


Having Your Say.


QSB arrived safe and sound. I have used it once every day since it arrived, and I have experienced some amazing energy shifts. The house has an amazing feel more intense than before and I am more at peace now. I will be using with my clients tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what they experience.
Brian, New Zealand.
FR*EE embedded crystals this week with our Christmas Special offers.
To get your 
FR*EE Assorted solfeggio embedded crystals
With every Christmas package order


These embedded crystals are great stocking fillers, to use in crafts, jewellery making or putting with your QSB or any of our energy balancing products.
One stress too many?



How’s your stress levels? I mean every type of stress – not just the stuff left over from that disagreement with the boss at work – or the boss at home for that matter! These kinds of stress have always been there in some form or another. Some of the issues are different but our grandparents were dealing with the same everyday stressful situations. What our grandparents (or great grandparents depending on your age) didn’t have to deal with a …….read more



Ask us a question.
Q. I bought a Nu- Me pendant for my mom and me a while back. We are very happy with them. My dad is now interested in getting one as well. He wanted to know if there is any difference in effectiveness between the copper vs. silver. He has heard that copper can also be good for joint/muscle issues and was wondering if there might be any benefit for him to get the pendant in copper.
A. What you are saying about copper is true if you are deficient, but to get the benefits from copper in this way your body needs to leech it through the skin when it needs it. For this a solid copper bangle would be the best choice as this process could eventually take the finishing off the Nu-Me.
There are energetic properties to metals, but they are subtle and represent a very minor difference in benefits. What I always say to people is to go for the pendant that you are attracted to as this is the one your sub-conscious is pointing you towards the right one for you.


Win a Nu-Me Skinny Copper





Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo, and Naomi

Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter November 2017

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