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  • November 12, 2018
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In my opinion.



Don’t treat us like idiots. Please don’t. We are intelligent, informed, rational adults so we can see right through self-serving propaganda.


I don’t know why on earth I watch the news. It is mostly about melodramatic, depressing, negative stuff with lots of misinformation thrown in. Then there are the antics of the clowns in parliament. Mind numbing if it wasn’t for the fact that they are controlling a part of my life. Dwelling on that turns my laughter into tears


Anyway, while watching the evening news the other day, I though the tables had turned when I heard that research had proven that cell phones cause cancer. Hurray – the news is getting real and informative at last. Then they added “In rats but not in humans” and I was back to earth with a bump.


Who the hell are they kidding? No mention of who did the research – the cell phone companies? It was obviously someone with an agenda that is for sure. And sadly, those that happily have their cell phones clamped to their ears for several hours a day will be saying as a result “See it only happens to rats I’m quite safe, the news readers on the telly said so”. Then the truth finally bites them – when it’s too late – and they are in the same boat as the rats.


Propaganda was used in war to fool the enemy in the interest of survival. Propaganda is now used, it seems, to protect the corporations billions and fool the customer, whose life is just a disposable commodity in the interest of profit. Still a life and death situation, war of a sort, but Joe-Blogs-public is the expendable one.


But wait there is more:


The news reader, reading from a bare-faced-lying-script, went on to say, ” that 4G and 5G is easier on the body”.


So, only rats get cancer from cell phones. Humans don’t. But don’t go worrying because, non-research short or long term, 4G and 5G won’t give you the cancer that 2G and 3G isn’t supposed to give you any way?


In my opinion it is all pretty obvious – we’re being hoodwinked as governments and powers-that-be try to pre-empt opposition, knowing that a growing number of people are becoming aware of how dangerous cell phones are, with added risks coming with the roll out of 5G. People are getting very, very sick around 5G. These are facts that will get harder and harder to cover-up.


Once again, we are not idiots, and I suppose it is up to us to educate others that research has proved cell phones cause cancer and that successful law suits further endorse this. It isn’t only rats that suffer – and theirs is enforced suffering without ever having a need to use cell-phones. Perverse world – in my opinion.


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Having your say.
This research is another step forward in the battle to get Electrosensitivity recognised world-wide as a medical condition. Thanks Tanya for sending us this info:


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Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe 


Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

November News

November News (3)

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