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  • November 29, 2011
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*We will send your gifts for you.
*Gift ideas with BIG savings
*Does Santa have a cell phone?
* What’s a Penergizer?
*Win a Snappy, plus a spare set of different colour bands.

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Too busy to read our newsletter?   

You might regret it!


*We will send your gifts for you.

  *Gift ideas with BIG savings

*Does Santa have a cell phone?

 * What’s a Penergizer?

  *Win a Snappy, plus a spare set of different colour bands.


For our Newsletter readers only we have a Special Fr*ee service. We will post your order where ever you want and include a Christmas card with your message on it.

Christmas shopping couldn’t be easier. Put the name,* address you want it mailing to and the message you want on the card in the special instructions box when you order


*one address per order please.

Saving money with Christmas deals


logoChristmas undoubtedly is an expensive time of the year when the credit card bills can go through the roof so we have put tog ether some great deals t hat will save you money plus allow you to cross more than one person off your present list. There are some great ideas to suit every pocket.

Have a look at them here


*Cannot be combined with any other special offer.


“I tell everyone who wants to listen about p.e.bal and necklaces. I haven’t have migraine since i have p.e.bal and my neck is free – and prior than i thought i will have to live with pain forever Jasmina Christchurch, NZ 2 weekends ago, i met some people in Nelson, they tried to sell me their EMF necklaces and phone stickers… i show them your product (Nu-Me) which both i and my son were wearing..”  


Jasmina Christchurch, NZ


 Does Santa Have a Cell Phone?

Santa’s EMF woes

It’s been a while since Santa visited me (cue violins) but from what I remember he lives out 364 of his days a year in the frozen North (Lapland or the North Pole Somewhere?). Wherever he lives, it must be fairly remote and as a consequence far from a cell phone tower and any type of power grid. 

So, if the answer to the title question is yes, then he probably only gets to use it on one day of the year (I assume he has a good roaming package with his provider). Herein lies a major problem and a real threat to the future of Christmas as we know it! …… read more  


A wand by any other name   

“Are Penergizes any good” a customer asked?

What on earth is a Penergizer?

We did our own research and this is the result http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/blog/penergizer/ 

Use your Life Energy Nano wand to energize your food and drinks as well as yourself. And have you thought about a Wand for those difficult people to buy for – that have just about everything.

Take advantage of our discounted wands deal http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/xmas2011/ 

Win a Snappy and a Spare Set of Bands

This month’s competition could kick start your Christmas present list – a Snappy and a spare set of bands – colours of your choice.

The simple question is “Snappy bands come in how many colours?”


No need to guess, there may be more than you think, have a look here for some help http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/snappy/

Answers to margie@life-energy.org


If you have already answered your name is in the hat.


Sophie’s calendar has this quote “Happiness is having a large family in another city.”

Do you relate? What do they say? We are given our families as our greatest challenge – but we mostly love them anyway!

Keep your sense of humour – it’s is a powerful sanity tool,

Margie and David


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