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  • November 15, 2012
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*Super Christmas combo draw
*1st prize Natty combo
*2nd prize p.e.bal and Ki-bal combo
*3rd prize Rose quartz crystal with scalar waves combo
*6 Special Christmas Combo offers with fr*ee gifts
*Italian Supreme court ruling – link between cancer and cell phones
*The smart meter battle


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November 2012


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*Super Christmas combo draw

1st prize Natty combo

2nd prize p.e.bal and Ki-bal combo

3rd prize Rose quartz crystal with scalar waves combo

*6 Special Christmas Combo offers with fr*ee gifts

*Italian Supreme court ruling – link between cancer and cell phones

*The smart meter battle


It’s about to explode – The whole the myth that cell phones, and don’t let’s ignore cordless phones, are harmless. And it’s about time. Watch out for class actions and companies being forced to answer for their actions and create safer technology.


Italy’s Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that said there was a link between a business executive’s brain tumour and his heavy mobile phone use. Italy’s lead potentially opens the flood gates to legal claims.

To read more: Life Energy Blog article article

Fr*ee RadiSafe in every family pack

We would like to continue Italy’s good work in bringing recognition and awareness of the dangers of cell phones by giving you 5 RadiSafe in every family pack so that you can make your family safe with the most extensively tested cell phone shields on the market. Put “Family 5” in the comments box when you order.

More testing of RadiSafe has been done see it here:


More Christmas Combo offers

We always try to help you out with the expense of Christmas by offering meaningful present combo packages at heavily discounted prices plus a fr*ee gift. This year we have more combo offers than ever before – including old favourites along with some of our new products.

Have a look here

The Nu-Me protective pendant draw winner

Congratulations Lauree White. Let us know which Nu-Me pendant you would like and where to mail it. Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t win because this month we have a bumper Christmas draw with 3 prizes, so three chances to win. It’s so easy – have a go!


Christmas Bumper Prize draw.


Ist prize a Christmas Natty combo:

See it here

  • 2 Nattys with black and red silicon cases
  • 2 extra cases in blue
  • 2 waxed cotton cords
  • 2 snappy bands – colours of your choice
  • 2 RadiSafe phone shields


2nd Prize a p.e.bal/Ki-bal Christmas combo:


  See it here

  • P.e.bal
  • Ki-bal
  • A RadiSafe phone Shield.

3rdPrize a Rose Quartz pendant & earrings Christmas combo set embedded with scalar waves:

See it here 

  • A rose Quartz crystal and silver pendant.
  • Rose quartz crystal drop ear rings.
  • Silver chain

Don’t miss out answer this simple question and be in the hat to win one of these fabulous prizes. “How many colour cases does the Natty have?”

Help with the answer can be found here: http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/natty/
Answers to  margie@life-energy.org (don’t hit the return button or it may get lost in the system.) This draw will be made on 15th December.

“I’ve recently received my pendant and my p.e.bal. Thank you kindly. For the first few days a strong healing has occurred, or a cleansing. That still continues, especially in my sleep as I wear the pendant to bed. I find when I am out and about I have my own space which is lovely and important to me being an empath. I have purchased other pendants and nope they are no comparison. Thank you for creating the opportunity for myself and others to purchase and wear or have them in the home. Hugs for you both 🙂 x0x” Karollina Louise Marfell

posted on Life Energy Solutions Facebook wall

The Smart Meter Battle

It seems that the powers, that be, won’t be deterred by your refusal to have a smart meter installed. They sneaked onto our property without warning. Funny how the information letters about their coming go astray? The meter is then installed and the battle is on to get it removed.

Luckily we caught the meter technician creeping up our path intending to switch off our electricity without so much as a thought for computer data, equipment or anyone on life support machines.He jumped when I approached him, caught out as his training in stealth failed. I ordered him off the property in what I am ashamed to say was not a very lady like way with language that would make a navvy proud.

It then gets complicated as the power company that doesn’t own the lines, doesn’t own the meters either. So although, to solicit our business, the power company offered us the world with the promise of no smart meters – ever. They now say they can’t stop the meter company from installing one. Presumably in the middle of the night now that our refusal has caused battle to commence.

The battle traverses cities and even countries it seems. The power company’s “complaints centre” being in some far off distant land whose first language is different from mine. This makes communication interesting but very difficult. And a resolution impossible it seems. On with the battle.

The actual meter company is a silent partner whose only presence seems to be the meter technician dodging from bush to bush while on his missions to secretly install smart meters. And a lone meter reader attending to the few customers that haven’t surrendered – yet. He looks pretty miserable too because he knows that his days are numbered. His job is heading for extinction.

So if like us you are taking part in the smart meter battle let us know of any tactics or angles that may help us win! Email  margie@life-energy.org

PS to add to this – the Power Company are using dirty tactics in their bid to win. We have just received a letter telling us how safe smart meters are quote:

 “We are confident that the smart meters are completely safe. The radio frequencies they use are similar to those used by other household devices, such as cellular phones and some cordless phones”

I rest my case. And we are back to the Italian Supreme court ruling!!

PS The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), an “international association of physicians and other professionals interested in the clinical aspects of humans and their environment,” have released recommendations for patients with a broad array of illnesses and symptoms to avoid exposure to digital smart meters now being deployed internationally by governments and utilities.

The recommendation, which includes reference to 20 peer-reviewed studies showing biological harm from wireless technologies, indicates that patients with neurological, neurodegenerative diseases, genetic defects, cancer, and other conditions would benefit from avoiding pulsed RF radiation from smart meters…

Now to remind us not to take life to seriously:

A man was speeding down the highway when a cop pulled him over and gave him a ticket. After staring at it the driver asked “When’s the raffle”

Don’t forget to enter ours,

Margie and David.

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