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  • November 2, 2013
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*NEW – Limited edition Green Druzy Crystal Pendant embedded with Scalar waves.
*Cordless phones affect the heart!
*Malachite Shamballa Crystal bracelet embedded with Scalar waves
*Life Energy Nano Wand embedded with Scalar Waves
*Win a BUMPER PRIZE – Nu-Me protective pendant, silver snake chain and p.e.bal
*Second prize win a ki-bal
*Negater shell winner
*New Zealand study shows risks from cordless phones is greater than from cell phones!

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November 2013


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NEW – Limited edition Green Druzy Crystal Pendant embedded with Scalar waves. 

Cordless phones affect the heart!

Malachite Shamballa Crystal bracelet embedded with Scalar waves

Life Energy Nano Wand embedded with Scalar Waves


Win a BUMPER PRIZE – Nu-Me protective pendant, silver snake chain and p.e.bal


 Second prize win a ki-bal


Negater shell winner


New Zealand study shows risks from cordless phones is greater than from cell phones!





energyrobbers People feed of each other, like vultures, to get energy. They may do it in different ways, use different tactics, the result is always the same – you are left feeling drained and lousy.

Negativity is a great way of getting energy, so many people use it. Lurking round every corner waiting to accost and get a fix are predators that use negativity to suck energy.

You know the type – nothing is ever right. They have complaining down to a fine art. And what do you do? Agree with them when they tell you that their life sucks and they wish they were dead? No hardly – although you may secretly want to. You try and put a positive spin on it. It will be better tomorrow, look at the sun shining, how much they’re cared about, how precious life is, and on and on………….every word giving them energy. They soak this up and it makes them feel – GOOD.


Meanwhile you feel like a wrung out dishcloth and leave them feeling – terrible.  


In an ideal encounter between people there is a fair exchange of energy. After all everything is energy, every word, every thought, every emotion. Read more …………



Gorgeous Green Druzy Crystal Pendants embedded with scalar waves


Green druzy is said to be the stone of self-exploration and patience


Don’t miss out on this Limited edition Green Druzy Crystal pendant embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies.  Every stone is diferent – everyone unique.



drewsy scalar pendant Druzy is crystal-covered rock. Tiny quartz crystals form on the surface or within the cavities of other rocks. Like a geode, such crystals often form on the inside of a stand-alone stone. When cracked open, a geode reveals crystals on the inside. When the crystals are small, and look like a coating of glittering stardust, it’s called druzy.

It is believed to have magical and mystical properties, bringing lightness and harmony to one’s spirit.

These beautiful Green Druzy pendants are 40mm (approx. as sizes vary slightly) come with a waxed cotton cord and a draw string gift bag. To see more or order ………..



The Green Druzy crystal pendant can be part of your Christmas Package offer, but don’t delay as stock is very limited. To see the package ………..


“Wow. It has arrived and im absolutely thrilled, my energies have already changed for the better…thank you soooooo much, blessings for you both 🙂 x0x.” Link to our facebook page  Karollina Marfell, NZ




Malachite Shamballa Crystal Bracelet embedded with Scalar waves



Malachite worn on the wrist is said to help with Rheumatic pain.



malachitebracelet This fashionable Malachite Shamballa crystal bracelet embedded with Scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies is not only an up to the minute piece of jewellery, it has health benefits too.



Malachite has a high copper content so when wearing the Malachite shamballa bracelet it is said to ease rheumatism and arthritis and is a great alternative to wearing a copper bangle


The Malachite Shamballa bracelet is adjustable and comes in its own drawstring gift pouch.

Buy TWO for only $50

Malachite is said to be a powerful emotional cleanser helping to remove past traumas, and negative emotions, to bring harmony into your life.

Read more or to buy …….



Cordless phones affect the heart



cordlessphones Radiation from cordless phones affects cardiac rhythms. Recent research on healthy volunteers showed that 40% had marked increases in heart rate, arrhythmias, and other disturbances in heart rate variability following exposure to active cordless phone base stations which were emitting a 2.41 GHz pulsed microwave signal. This is the same sort of cordless phone that many people use in their home,

and the same frequency as everyday wireless routers that millions of people in homes, workplaces, Cafes’, offices and schools.

A cordless phone base station placed about two feet from your head and plugged in for just three minutes at a time can significantly disrupt your heart rhythm, according to a new study led by Magda Havas, PhD, of the Environmental & Resources Studies Departmetn at Tret University, Canada.

“The sympathetic nervous system up regulated and the parasympathetic nervous system down regulated during exposure, which is the typical “flight-or-fight” stress response. Feelings of anxiety as well as pain or pressure in the chest were associated with the rapid or irregular heart beat among some of the participants tested.


This test is objective and directly measures the heart’s response to radiation and is unlike subjective testing, where scientists ask individuals if they know whether a device is turned on or off and then determine their “sensitivity” based on perception of exposure, which is just that perception and NOT sensitivity.  From Dr Havas website

Read more……….


Put protection on your phones.
RadiSafe are the most tested phone shields available. They are ideal Christmas presents. Have a look at our Christmas packagesand get a great bargain.

“I am enjoying the RadiSafe device I purchased recently to put on my phone.  I can truly feel the difference it makes and purchased another RadiSafe to put on the smart meter under the stairs.

I am keen to try out your other products and have put a few things on my list this year for “Santa”.” Maria, Australia



Life Energy Nano Wand embedded with scalar waves is a gift with a difference


This could be the ideal gift for that someone who you have difficulty buying for?  

nano wand Wands are not new. As kids we were fascinated by wizards and fairy godmothers – they wielded wands. Of course these wands were magical and maybe mystical. The wand was pointed and wonderful things happened.


The Life Energy Nano Wand is not so different. It may not have supernatural powers but by pointing and circling, a bit Merlin style, over an area of pain or blockage this crystal wand can definitely do wonderful things. You could say that the results are miraculous!


A crystal wand? Yes and some – Tourmaline, maifanshi stone, far infrared stone, calcium ion, pi stone and Nano silver powder. A powerful combination. Read more…

“After working on one co-worker’s painful wrist (the pain went within 60 seconds and after 2-3 minutes of using the wand she had full and unrestricted use of the wrist) the word spread quickly and by the end of the day I had been asked to work on a range of diverse issues – from tense shoulders/headaches to painful backs to knee pain (in a manner of speaking I “came out of the closet!!). The wand in every case stopped the pain relaxed the area around the pain site and restored full mobility. People’s reactions were a mixture of incredulity, gratefulness and sheer wonder. I wasn’t surprised by what it was able to do, but I was astonished at how quickly it was able to effect change and how easily people accepted its use.” Mike, NSW, Australia


Bumper prize in our Christmas competition and a runner up prize too.




A BUMPER PRIZE of a Nu-Me Protective Pendant of your choice, a silver snake chain and P.e.bal package

2nd prize – a super ki-bal key ring

“What is fr*ee with this BUMPER PRIZE Christmas package?”



Have a look here to get a little help with the answer



Answers to margie@life-energy.org always lovely to hear from you.


This competition will be drawn at the end of December 2013.  What a lovely present for 2014!


“I have purchased a NU-ME pendant and P.E Balancer from you a while ago and am very pleased with the results. I felt an immediate change when I wore the pendant.

Also i have the balancer on the DVD player and it seems to help the whole house feel lighter and the energy has a clear flow to it.    

I am very grateful to you both for making these available and I have shared the information you sent with them with others. Many thanks” D Morro , NZ



Study shows Radiation risk from cordless phones is greater than from cell phones



riskcordlessphones Cordless phones are more of a health risk to young people than mobiles, according to new university research.


In a study of almost 400 Wellington intermediate pupils, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand adjunct researcher Mary Redmayne found pre-teens were more likely to suffer headaches if they made long or frequent calls on cordless phones or cell phones.


The research, to be published in the Environmental Health journal, also found high users of cordless phones more commonly experienced tinnitus, a distressing condition of ringing in their ears.


In a separate study, Redmayne discovered year 7 and 8 students talked on cordless phones for far longer than on their mobiles, meaning the home line exposed them to the highest levels of EMF radiation

“People are pretty poorly informed about how this technology works – many people don’t realise that cordless phones are actually cell phones. Modern cell phones use the lowest amount of power that they need to transmit, but a cordless phone always works on full power.” said Mary Redmayne.


Read more…………..

“I’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such wonderful products.  
I purchased some RadiSafe chips from you for Christmas presents for my family, who are blown away with how they can now talk on their cell phones without the redness and heat emitted from them. Anyway, I now have chips on my computer and laptop at home. All I need now is a couple of p.e.bals.” M. Boyle N.Z


The winner of the Negater Shell compeition



Congratulations to JoAnne Taly you have won a lovely Negater Shell.  Send your mailing address to jo@life-energy.org


If you didn’t win this competition have a go at our Christmas bumper competition with a MASSIVE prize and a runner up prize too.

“I received your Negater Shell yesterday afternoon & . . . WOW. WOW. WOW. This product is spectacular. The energies resounding from this device are beyond any other product in this field I have tried before. This device tunes directly into the ‘feel good’ and ‘calmness’ centres in the person, and I especially feel energy moving up and around my temples when held in hand………Another device that is so effective and so portable, not to mention so aesthetically pleasing, and covers such a space would cost much, much more from someone else! ” Alejandro Love, USA

This quote is well known – but so true. 

“Negative people need drama like oxygen.  Stay positive it will take your breath away.” Anon

Stay positive 


Margie, David and Jo


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