November (3) 2019

  • April 28, 2020
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Today is
lucky dip day with all our Scalar embedded crystal pendants at only $10.
We like to spoil you at this time of year with
special packages and a
great QSB offer.
5G and cell towers are an ongoing concern worldwide.
See what action people are taking against it.
Too much to do preparing for Christmas?  Have a look at our
No Bake Christmas Cake recipe – it will save precious time and is yummy!
A suitable gift is as important for your pet as any other family member, and we have the
perfect gift for them.
We have a bumper prize draw – but you must be
in to win.
Because we are so busy with our own protective/balancing products we are discontinuing our crystal jewellery.  We are clearing all our existing stock of SCALAR EMBEDDED CRYSTAL PENDANTS  at a silly price.  Don’t miss out!


Stock is very limited, and the sale is on only while it lasts. This offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount codes





Our Christmas offers are available until Christmas 2019 or while stocks last.  It can’t be used with any other offer or discount.

 I would like to let you know how deeply grateful I am for the healing that I have received from the recently purchased silver Nu-Me pendant.  I have suffered from heart palpitations for 6 years and since I have been wearing the pendant the palpitations have reduced by abut 90%.  After trying so many other things, it’s such a miracle to have a steady heartbeat again.  Thank you from the bottom (and the top and sides) of my heart 🙂 P.Maywald
See Nu-Me pendants 




See who’s protesting Worldwide about 5G and Cell Towers
5G & Cell Tower Protests Worldwide


Don’t accept that there is nothing to be done about 5G.

Research as to what is happening in your area.  Let us know and we will publish it in our newsletters and on our
Facebook page.


Ask us a question – about enforced EMF
I need some help.  We are living in a 3-bedroom apartment.  We used to have the WIFI Router in the study, but our landlord moved it into our bedroom because he didn’t like seeing the cables outside along the building!
I have noticed we have been getting more tired than usual and I started to get headaches.  I want to protect my husband and me, is there something that can help?  Our apartment is in Level 3, WIFI router, T.V and PS4 are in the bedroom. Smart TV and PS4 and Foxtel in the living room.
It looks like you are living in an extreme EMF situation and I am not surprised you are feeling the effects.


Besides switching off everything that you have control over at the very least when you go to bed, I would recommend a POWER p.e. bal.  This is the strongest device we produce and it generates a very strong harmonizing field in your home.
See here
This is, of course, backed by a full guarantee.
The QSB is the best and quickest way to de-stress in just thirty minutes, as
blood testing
shows, so that the run-up to and Christmas can be relaxed despite the inevitable stress and dramas. You can then really enjoy it.


Have your QSB switched on during family gatherings so that it can silently work on creating a calming atmosphere. Or you could take time out to sit and have a group session to completely chill everyone out. And then when guests have gone to home, and the family to bed your night-cap to give you a good night’s sleep is a QSB session all by yourself or sharing it with your significant other. Bliss.




This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer and while limited stocks last.


“Thanks I received my order and the the QSB – simply amazing!!  I use it every morning for 1-2 cycles during meditation – it is powerful and uplifting.  Later in the day, I may use it again to combat a depressive mood – the QSB eases these unconscious traumas which sometimes surface.  For this alone , it’s invaluable.”


Lavonne V. Canada


You can read other experiences with the QSB



Have a go….



We have received so many great testimonials from people telling us how our products have helped them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you are one of these people.
Recently we found out another way to help others to know what we are about:


If you click on the linked image above you can rate us on Trustpilot. Tip: It is also a great place to check out other companies before you do business.You will automatically create a profile on Trustpilot when you post.
A very big thank-you to those of you who have done this already!!











Animals and EMF Exposure
Like us animals are also affected by EMF pollution. 
Our furry friends can have sudden changes in behavior from over-exposure to EMF’s. Behavioral signs can include increased nervousness, fatigue and fear. Other effects from long term exposure can include cancer, heart disease, tumors and accelerated aging. 

Read more……


Our favourite

No-Bake Christmas fruit cake






Thinking of you,
Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team.




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