Newsletter May 2017

  • May 9, 2017
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* Bumper Personal Protection Package, * Cancer from Microwave and cell phone radiation has doubled, * Win a set of three Zen Stones, * Frequently asked question.
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“You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that”


Roald Dahl


This could be our best offer yet! The PPP gives you everything and saves you a packet. It is for one week or whilst stocks last – and we may well run out because we know that most of our readers are wise and will want to take advantage while they can. There is still more information about how EMF affects you – and what you can do about it. Our Frequently asked question has arisen mostly in connection with our prize draw, which if you haven’t already entered have a go at winning a fabulous, powerful set of Zen Stones. We like humour here at Life Energy – it lightens an often heavy load called ‘life’. So, we have added a bit that we hope makes you smile if not laugh out loud.







from Microwave and cell phone radiation has doubled.




Watch here
Or read here

Win a set of three Zen Stones



Frequently asked question.

Q. Are your maths wrong on the protective field of stacked Zen Stones? My calculation is hope stone 14 meters (15 yards) + peace stone 17 meters (18 yards) + love stone 21 meters (+ 23 yards) = 52 meters (56 yards).



A. When the Zen stones are stacked, they create one energy field so the field is stronger and they process the unbalanced energy, including EMF, faster. This is different from having the Zen stones separately creating their own protective energy fields – hence the seemingly inconsistent maths.



Thinking of you,


Margie David and Jo

Newsletter April 2017

Newsletter May 2017

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