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  • May 14, 2014
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*Discounted P.e.bal for $127 plus a FR*EE eBook “Sleep like a baby”
*The winner of a Nu-Me protective pendant
*Rate our funny and go into the draw to win a RadiSafe
*Win his & hers prize – ki-bal and Pandora style crystal bracelet

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Life Energy Designs Newsletter

May 2014

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FR*EE eBook “Sleep like a baby”


We are having an insomnia epidemic. Who do you know that has a good night’s sleep night after night? Do you?

Insomnia is complex and the solution has to be multi layered. Wouldn’t you just know it – why can’t anything in life be simple? But the bottom line is that it is entirely up to you to take the steps to curing your own sleeplessness. That mostly means making life choices and changes to deal with the problem. Sounds hard? Well it’s not when you get started. When you understand what makes you and your insomnia tick.” An excerpt from our informative new eBook “Sleep like a Baby”

This book is a must read for all insomniacs. It is easy to read with explanations, advice and solutions that are very do-able.

This is a self-help book that really helps. Written with a hint of humour and lots of personal experience, you certainly won’t nod off to sleep in boredom reading it. Understand why you are having sleepless nights and what you can do about it

To celebrate the release of our new eBook  

we are offering it FR*EE 

in this insomnia package

Discounted P.e.bal for only $127

plus a FR*EE “Sleep like a baby” eBook

Not only do you save on the price of a p.e.bal, which is our #1 product for insomnia, but you get a book which explains what sleep is, how much sleep you need and why you have difficulties in getting enough quality sleep. It has expert advice and what you should do to get the sleep that you need.

This offer is for all insomniacs, friends and families!

Until 11th May 2014 or while stocks last.

Enter ebook in the discount code box when ordering here ……….

“So very excited to find such a great company.  Loving my p.e.bal.  Sleeping like a baby.  I even think my three cats are sleeping more soundly and less crazy in the middle of the night.  Waiting for my newest order.  Very excited thanks so much” Debs Nulman, USA

This offer ends on New Zealand’s mothering Sunday so what a great present for mum.  Don’t forget that the p.e.bal does much, much more than help you sleep, have a look here…..

The winner of a Nu-Me protective pendant.

Congratulations Carol Nolden you have won a Nu-Me protective pendant of your choice. Email  jo@life-energy.org to tell us which pendant you would like and your mailing address.

If you didn’t win this time don’t give up it may be your turn next time so have a go at this month’s competition – if you don’t enter you can’t win!

“I yell at my husband 12 times a year! Every year, every time I get my period. He would batten down the hatches and wait out the storm!!  Until 3 months ago when I received my” Nu-me” pendant. Well that could not be a truer statement!! No hormonal mood swings! No anxiety attacks! Just me! I knew I was in there!!  My 13 year old daughter hasn’t take hers off since it arrived a month ago! I should be amazed at that but simply am not. It simply works!!…” Sharon McGill, lifeenergysloutions Facebook page.

Look us up on our Facebook page and become a friend by liking us.

Rate our funny and go into the draw to win a Radisafe

When we take life too seriously we have somehow lost the point – that life is a temporary situation! Seeing humour in every scenario that life throws at us, or we throw at ourselves – it depends on your perspective – can save our sanity. The well-worn saying that laughter is the best medicine is so true. Whether you are up, down or inside-out a really good laugh does us all the world of good.

So to lighten our moods and amuse us we are having another draw with EVERY NEWSLETTER – and the prize is a RadiSafe phone protector.

To go into our draw all you have to do is rate our funny picture or quote. 

Email margie@life-energy.org and put smile, laugh or boo in the subject box.

The winner of the draw will be announced in our next newsletter. 

Your sense of humour may not be the same as ours!  But every email will go into the draw.  Don’t forget to put your name, even a nickname will do. 

The winner of the draw will be announced in our next newsletter.

Win his “N” hers prize – ki-bal and Pandora style crystal bracelet

“….. I would also like to say I am so thrilled with the bracelet, a gift my granddaughter will just love.  Great quality and so pretty, not to mention the hidden benefits.  Thank you”, M, NZ

This month win a ki-bal for him and a Pandora style bracelet with real crystal beads embedded with solfeggio frequencies for her. If he wants the bracelet and she is happy with the ki-bal we don’t mind and won’t tell anybody.

Just answer this simple question and email the answer to margie@life-energy.org 

“What is a ki-bal?”

It’s almost too easy, but if you don’t know you will find the answer here: kibal

This prize will be drawn at the end of May.   

“I have one on my key ring.  I just love the look and feel of it!  Would love to share the love though and win one for one of my girls in Wellington.  P.e.bal, ki-bal – so much bal in our home!” Kris, NZ


Before we go some final wise words about sleep!

“Sleep is the best meditation.” Dalai Lama

Take care of yourself – your precious,

Margie, David and Jo.

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