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  • May 6, 2016
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* 2 day Super Sale, * Win a Ki-bal and Chi-Shell, * Phone Company pay Cancer Sufferer, * Frequently asked questions, * For bargains – watch this space

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> Win a Ki-bal and Chi-Shell
> Frequently asked questions
> For bargains – Watch this Space……


How many P.e.bals’ do you need in most homes or workplaces? The answer is – ONLY ONE!

So congratulations to Anouk Prouteau for getting the answer right and winning our April prize draw of a P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield.
with the mailing address that you want it sending it to.

Now if you didn’t win, and are downhearted with disappointment, there are two things you can do:
  1. Enter our May draw to win a powerful pair of keyrings – a Ki-bal and a Chi-Shell  
  2. Take advantage of our Super Saver P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield offer

For 2 days 
P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield
Worth $178

This offer can’t be used with any other offer or discount and is for
2 days only or whilst stocks last.

I have recently purchased a p.e.bal and a Nu-Me pendant. I absolutely love both of them, and they have had such a profound effect on mine and my family’s lives. I really can’t say enough about these products. I am really hoping you have information on how to become a distributor of your products. If you could get back to me and let me know, I will appreciate it very much. Thank you for making such an amazing product!” J. Kelleher, USA

An Israeli mobile phone provider by the name of Orange, the operating name for Partner Communications,
agreed to pay more than $110,000 to one of its clients who developed Ear Cancer.

This near-unprecedented case could well open the door for a flood of similar settlements worldwide as well as class action suits.

The claimant is 50 years of age and developed cancer……read more…

“Oh, the RadiSafe is nothing short of astonishing. I usually can’t deal with a mobile against my head for more than 10 to 15 mins due to a somewhat painful ‘tingling’ in head and hand, but I had a call for about 30 mins and didn’t feel a thing with the RadiSafe on the back of the phone. Wow!” Steve Humphry, Australia

Win a pair of His-N-Hers Ki-bal and Chi-Shell key rings
Powerful protection and you can win a pair – a Ki-bal and a Chi-Shell! Answer this simple question and go in our May draw. It couldn’t be easier because you will find the answer here


“What is the protective field of both the ki-bal and chi-shell?”

“Being seriously concerned about the major increase EMFs in our environment I sought out companies that produced products that combat their negative effects.   Apparently the products I had purchased in the past were not working because after the first night of leaving the ki-bal key-ring on the night table beside my bed I had the best night’s sleep that I’ve ever had (and I thought I was already sleeping well).  Now I am having beautiful – FUN dreams whenever the ki-bal is next to my bed, if I forget it the dreams change negatively.  Also, when it’s next to my computer the energy is lighter, softer, sweeter.  Anytime I’m feeling icky at my computer it’s because the ki-bal is not nearby.  I tell anyone who will listen about my new “friends” in New Zealand and these wonderful products.  I look forward to purchasing more (a lot more) of these effective and BEAUTIFULLY-styled products not only for myself, but for friends and family.  Keep up the great work.”  L.S. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


Frequently asked question
How is it that the protective field of the Ki-bal and Chi-Shell is bigger proportionally to the P.e.bal and Negater Shell?

We have introduced special coils into our Life Energy technology which enables us to make our products smaller with greater power. See life energy technology 

“We took the Ki bal travelling which made for calm and easy travel with two kids for 10 weeks. But I really noticed the power of it when we returned and my daughter couldn’t get back into a pattern. When I remembered to put the Ki bal by her bed, her sleeplessness ceased. Phew. Now with a fresh fracture I will probably pop my skinny on her when it arrives. Love your stuff, glad it’s all going so well.” Lara McKenna, Australia


What’s happening at Life Energy Designs?
The media is full of it. We are being encouraged to face our overflowing lives by being urged to de-clutter. At first we, in the Life Energy office, dug our heals in. We protested that we were far too busy. Then we realised that of course we were – too busy searching for all the things that we couldn’t find, lost under mountains of stuff. This was mainly saved for a rainy day, or in case it was needed. Papers yellowing and curling at the corners. Rusting paper clips and broken scissors. Pens that had dried up and died during the millennium celebrations. Floor space was at a premium.

So we have started.

David, who creates clutter without moving a muscle, has built a work bench out of old shower doors. Recycle and up-cycle are also buzz words that we have taken on board. Sorting out his office and cupboards is a work in progress admittedly, supported by numerous cups of coffee to allow “thinking time”. But it is a start. Who knows what he might find.

Jo, who is the most organised of the three of us, regularly goes through her office like a dose of salt. She is a bit of a hoarder of cardboard boxes and other people’s pens though. I am sure that when she digs into the stock cupboards she will find treasures unseen for many a year.

Now I, not quite perfect – yet, store, hoard, and collect everything and anything. I have the constant fear that as soon as I throw something away or donate it I will regret it and need it. This may be a valid fear as in Kenya I burned the wrong year’s accounts by mistake. The repercussions, not to mention money exchanges (bribes), to get it sorted out were extensive. So now I am over careful which means that I accumulate.

In my defence I do also recycle and up-cycle – I can’t resist a charity shop or skip. I am the furtive looking soul that you see sifting through other people’s cast offs. But even potential re-use of other peoples don’t-wants has a down side. I am stock-piling stuff that people have thrown out while de-cluttering and increasing my need to do the same!

I know that there is a stash of samples in some hole, corner or cupboard but where exactly I haven’t yet discovered. I am looking.

So why am I telling you the insider secrets of life Energy? Well – there will be all sorts of stock uncovered that was long forgot (we have found some already) that we will offer to our newsletter readers – a veritable GARAGE SALE. So watch this space, we will announce it here.  


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