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  • May 17, 2018
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* THIS WEEKS OFFER – Give your immune system a boost,
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* QSB Update,
* Help Needed,
* Last few days to win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal.

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Give your immune system a boost



Ask us a question




Q. Doesn’t the ki-bal balance personal energy, it just protects against unbalanced energy and EMFs? So if I wear my ki-bal as a pendant the same as I would the Nu-Me pendant it wouldn’t balance my personal energies as the Nu-Me pendant does?


We are pleased with our ki-bals. Our overall health seems to be improving in subtle ways in the short time we have used them.


A. The technology in the Nu-Me pendants is a little different than that of the ki-bal so it can interact with our personal energetic systems. In this way it balances the chakras and boosts the immune system.


The ki-bal is more powerful, creating a bigger energy field and most would find it too powerful to wear centrally on the body as a pendant, but you obviously don’t and there certainly is no harm in this. In protecting you from EMF and balancing any unbalanced energies it will definitely be giving your body relief and the space it needs to heal.


The way you are using your ki-bals is obviously working well for you so carry on – it is obviously the right way for you
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Changing Energies




read the article here…..


QSB update


The QSB community is growing:



Watch this space for the June date of our first GLOBAL WEBINAR.
If you have a QSB and have not seen David’s video on how best to use it you will find it here….






Help Needed!


What is the best day and time for us to run our webinars?
As you may have read, we are going to be running some webinars – starting next month with a look at vibrational healing and the QSB. Picking the right time is a challenge – particularly when our life-energy family is spread all over the world in multiple time-zones. We need your help please!

This survey literally takes 10 seconds to do and will trigger a burst of gratitude energy coming your way 🙂


Last few days to win a P.e.bal with a runner-up prize of a Ki-bal










Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter May 2018

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