Newsletter May 2017

  • May 16, 2017
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* CUT PRICE Slight seconds P.e.bals – very limited stock, * Losing our natural habitat, * Win a set of three Zen Stones, * Having your say

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“There is no angry way to say “bubbles”.”




For all of you that are asking about our discounted seconds we have some more bargains for you – P.e.bals. They never last long and there aren’t that many. It is strictly first come, first served so they won’t be around long. We always have some customers that miss out, and are disappointed, which we don’t like – but sadly can’t do anything about.
I was pondering about how much we have in common with birds, and how ‘progress’ is affecting them and us. So I have shared my thoughts with you in a brief video. Hope you like it. As always we really like to share what you have to say, it helps others with useful advice or a different point of view. Not long now until the draw to win a set of Zen stones so if you haven’t already entered get in quick. Life is often a serious business. Too serious. So, we try to make you smile a little, we hope that we succeed!







our natural habitat.




Watch  here
Or read here

Win a set of three Zen Stones



Having your say.




More about smart meters – you really are fired up about this one. Diane from Onehunga, Auckland NZ had this to say:

“I read your article recently about Contact removing your Smart Meter and installing an Analog meter on your property. I’ve been in long running discussions with Mercury who we’ve been with for many years with regard to the removal of the smart meter with no success whatsoever, in fact they got their Retention Team onto us for having the temerity to say that we’re leaving them because of the Smart Meter… so have also switched to Contact and they have removed the chip from our S/meter – not quite as good as having a replacement with the old analog but almost as good.
Mercury have the most inflexible bunch of people working for them… I explained that the meter was on the outside of our bedroom wall and as I’ve had cancer twice I most certainly didn’t want to be exposed to any more radiation than I could help. The best they could come up with was that they could relocate the meter to another part of the house at a cost of $190 and then we would have to arrange for the rewiring – and we could just imagine what that cost would be.
Contact could not guarantee that there would not come a time when the chip would be put back in the meter… but for now I feel safe from all that excess radiation.
I do own the large P.e.bal (next to my computer) as well as a smaller one on my key ring, and now the beautifully stylish Nu-Me pendant.”
If you don’t already have a Smart meter our advice is to put a padlock on your meter box. Although then can come onto your property without your permission and change the meter, and often do when you’re not at home, they are not allowed to break into your box.



Thinking of you,


Margie David and Jo

Newsletter May 2017

Newsletter May 2017

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