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  • May 8, 2019
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  * LAST DAY – 10% off everything, * 5 Reasons we don’t sleep properly, * New Bigger Blockit-Pockits, * Cats love energy!, * Ask us a Question, * 3 Ki-Bals to be won, * Prize Draw winners,

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This is the LAST DAY to take advantage of our 10%off EVERYTHING sale, use the code
LE11218. If you aren’t sleeping properly then here are
5 reasons why not. New
BIGGER Blockit-Pockits have just arrived so if you have a bigger cell phone you can now protect yourself from not only EMF but identity theft also.


There is a New prize drawso be sure to enter.


















* Conditions apply.  This code can’t be used with any other discount or offer and is for one week or whilst stocks last.






5 Reasons We Don’t Sleep Properly.


EMF is a major player in insomnia and probably the main cause of sleepless nights. It confuses our pineal gland which is located deep in the centre of the brain and was once known as the “third eye.” The pineal gland produces melatonin, essential for sleep, helping maintain circadian rhythm and regulate reproductive hormones. It is essential in the production of T cells and the prevention of Cancer.

EMF radiation tricks……






New Bigger Blockit-Pockits.






Just arrived BIGGER Blockit-Pockits 17 cm x 11.5 cm (6.7″ x 4.5″) will fit todays bigger cell phones.
The Blockit-Pockit is a case that gives you full protection from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and information theft.
It protects from Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation in two ways:
1. A mobile phone placed on one side of the Blockit-Pockit will receive calls but will protect your body from any radiation.
2. Placed in the centre of the Blockit-Pockit your mobile phone can remain on but is not communicating with the cell phone tower so won’t receive calls. It will give the message “calls cannot be connected” so that your caller will know to try again.




USE CODE  LE11218  
*Conditions apply







Cats Love Energy!





We have had lots of personal experience and feedback about how much cats love our protective/balancing products. Cats are extremely sensitive, so their approval is highly appreciated by us. The p.e.bal seems to be their favourite and is by the way our customers too!
This is a fabulous picture that jane sent to us.







Ask Us a Question



Q. I purchased personal nu-me pendants but found them too bulky for my 9 year old son to wear inconspicuously……He’s also suffered horribly from night terrors the past three months since being hospitalised………
A.One solution often employed by parents is to clip a Ki-Bal or Chi-Shell onto / in to a school bag as this will then cast a protective field over the child whist the bag is nearby. Did you look at the Natty/Snappy option? These are made with kids in mind.
As far as night terrors go we are running at about 99%+ success rate with our POWER P.E.BALsand their predecessors the P.e.bals. A Ki-Bal might well be strong enough to stop night terrors, but we haven’t had feedback on these per se.








3 Ki-Bals to be Won



This is your chance to own a very versatile EMF protection/energy balancer. There are three ki-bals to be won in our FR*EE competition – so you are three times more likely to be a winner.





May News

May News(3)

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