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  • May 14, 2016
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* Protection package -Buy one get one FR*EE, * The cell phone – Cancer link, * A FR*EE credit card blocker with all orders, * Protect yourself from identity thieves, * Our 30-day returns policy, * Upcoming Garage Sale with bargains galore.

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Only those with their heads deeply buried in the sand can deny the link between cell phones and cancer. And it is not only the radiation used while making calls that put you at risk.
Cell phone exposure close to the body can weaken bones but can cause cancerous growth in soft tissues.  DO NOT CARRY YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR BRA 


(probably only relevant to women?)




It is also not a good idea for anybody to carry cell phones in their pocket – especially guys who would like children at some point. ” read more and see some informative videos here…



For 5 days
The Maximum protection package
Buy One and Get One FR*EE 
Bigger Blockit-Pockit and RadiSafe phone shield


Just arrived the new bigger Blockit Pockit which is suitable for most standard phones. It measures  16.5cm x 11.5cm (6.5″ x 4.5″). Together with a RadiSafe phone shield this gives you double the protection.  This offer is until Saturday 4th June, or whilst stocks last and can’t be used with any other offer or discount.




Concerns about the link between cell phone use and cancer is growing. We are seeing more and more court cases concerning this. This must push manufacturers to be more honest about the health hazards from ionizing radiation, or in lay man’s terms microwave radiation from cell phones. Each court case brings public awareness and a step closer to having health warnings on cell phones in the same way as there is on cigarette packets. It was a battle to get those too.
An Illinois man files a complaint in the Illinois state court accusing Apple…….read more……





“just to let you know my friends are impressed with the product (Blockit Pockit). The skeptical have phoned me while the phone is in its inner pocket and no response; good test – good testament. Needless to say, I’m buying this one for a friend. Kia ora.” Te Ruru, New Zealand


“Oh, the RadiSafe is nothing short of astonishing. I usually can’t deal with a mobile against my head for more than 10 to 15 mins due to a somewhat painful ‘tingling’ in head and hand, but I had a call for about 30 mins and didn’t feel a thing with the RadiSafe on the back of the phone.” Wow! Steve Humphry, Australia






Our 30-day return guarantee


Alex had asked for a refund on his Nu-Me protective pendant under our 30 days no quibbles policy. Then we received this:



“Never mind, I thought I couldn’t afford it but now that I’ve put it on I can’t afford not to, I’m looking forward to receiving more of your products and thank you so much, it brings tears to my eyes to feel so relieved from my depression I’ve been fighting for so long.
I’m a 21-year-old full time student, part time worker, and spend most my day behind a computer or the wheel of a car & would always feel something off during my day, it was unexplained and seemingly uncalled for with no cause, until I learned about the dangerous effects of EMF and EMR and found life Energy Designs, thank you life energy for giving me my life’s energy back 🙂


Protect yourself from identity fraud



There has been much publicity lately about the chips now appearing in our credit and debit cards call RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

Now these are cool at the pay counter. Just swipe them near the card machine and the card has a little electronic chat with the cash register – sharing your account details without you having to do anything as mundane or bothersome as entering your pin – and then the transaction is completed in a flash (assuming your credit is still good!)

The thing is, thieves think this tech is cool as well. All they need to do is….read more




“Just received your latest newsletter and wanted to share a story with you about a shopping experience I had recently. I was out shopping with my daughter in law for my granddaughter’s birthday present and it was the end of a long day. We approached the counter to make our purchase in an electronic store, I had taken my wallet out of my handbag but had not removed any cards ready to pay when low and behold I already had paid thanks to the chip in my credit card being scanned by their eftpos machine! As I said my card was still in my wallet and was nowhere near the machine but it scanned it and took the money in the blink of an eye. The shop girl was very apologetic and said they could refund the money straight away – obviously I was not the first person this had happened too…. and I doubt I’ll be the last.


Will definitely be ordering two Blockit pockets one for me and one for hubby. Thanks for all the work you do.” Caitlin Grace, NZ


Keep your credit cards in your Blockit-Pockit with your cell phone or:
Credit Card Blockers




$2.90 each





4 for $10


See and buy here…….


Stop press
We are giving a FR*EE credit card blocker with all and any orders from www.lifeenergysolutions.com




Last day to enter our Chi-Shell and Ki-bal draw

Don’t miss out on this powerful protection – win a Ki-bal and a Chi-Shell!  Answer this simple question to go in our May draw.  It couldn’t be easier because you will find the answer here  or  here.

“What is the protective field of both the ki-bal and chi-shell?”






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