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  • March 16, 2013
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* The Complete EMF protection package at a Special Discount.


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Did you notice the mistake in our newsletter? You probably did but were too polite to tell us, or dismissed it as another mid-life moment. David spotted it when he sat picking up his emails at breakfast this morning. Is the iPhone the modern newspaper that men hide behind so that they don’t have to endure a morning chat? He told me with a smug smile of satisfaction it’s March already and February is long gone”. As if I didn’t know! It was a lapse, a mistake – I’m sorry. So to you, David and all who spotted it can we please forget it and move on?


Of course there is also the little matter of forgetting to remind you about our Blockit-Pockit plus RadiSafe offeras well. So – sorry once again. Yesterday I must have been very “off”, and maybe I run the risk of being replaced? 


The Complete EMF protection package at a Special Discount.

For a limited time only a new *Blockit-Pockit and a RadiSafe for $48 (normally $29 each.)

To not only protect you while carrying your mobile phone but to reduce the ionizing radiablockittion into your head we have packaged the Blockit-Pockit and RadiSafe phone shield, which is probably the most tested and reliable phone shield on the market, at a very special price. Electromagnetic radiation taken care of – completely.


*This is a handy little case that gives you full protection from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones – and information theft. 

The blockit-pockit can be used to protect from Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation in two ways:


1) A mobile phone carried on the body can be harmful to your health (see manufacturer’s warnings in their information booklets)


A mobile phone placed on one side of the blockit-pockit will receive calls but will protect your body from any radiation. You’re protected.

2) Mobile phones interrupt meetings and visits to the cinema or theatre. Switching them off and on takes time, effort and thought.

Placed in the center of the blockit-pockit your mobile phone can remain on but won’t receive calls and will give the message “calls cannot be connected” so that your caller will know to try again
. Simple.


Information Theft.


Information theft
from credit and electronic cards is becoming very common.Thieves have sophisticated equipment that can copy your information. All it takes is for them to physically connect with you. So the next time that someone innocently bumps into you and politely says “I’m sorry” – watch out they may also be muttering “Thank you” as they have taken your information which probably means they have also stolen your money.

Placed in a blockit-pockit your cards/information is safe.



To read more about blockit-pockit and order:  




On May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization /  International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with use of mobile phones.

“A light heart lives long.” – William Shakespeare






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Newsletter March 2013

Newsletter March 2013

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