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  • March 9, 2013
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*fr*ee Malay Jade solfeggio embedded crystal pendant with every
ki-bal – one week only
*Enforced smart meters are really dangerous and a fire hazard
*Not sleeping – looking for the cause?
*Win a p.e.bal


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March 2013


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fr*ee Malay Jade solfeggio embedded crystal pendant with every
ki-bal – one week only




Enforced smart meters are really dangerous and a fire hazard

Not sleeping – looking for the cause?  




Win a p.e.bal





The official story is that smart meters are designed to help us save electricity. I have not heard of anybody getting a Smart meter- generated report suggesting how they can do this. All the information is available to the power companies who can now tell when you get up in the morning, how many people live in the house, what electrical appliances you have and when you use them ….. and so on. A bit too Big Brother for my liking.


So they haven’t proved they are safe but are rolling them out anyway. Sound familiar? They never proved EMF radiation was safe and yet here we are experiencing 100 million times the levels of EMF that our grandparents experienced. How much this will increase when we all have these meters calling home 24/7, I don’t know. I have heard that some meters generate about 100 times as strong a radiation as cell phones and I do know that many of our customers are feeding back that they are sensitive to this and suffering adverse health effects.


Read more and watch a very short video…….



Crazy offer for one week only until 20th March – fr*ee Malay Jade solfeggio embedded crystal pendant with every ki-bal 




ki-bal We had more entries for the ki-bal competition than ever before. We honestly wish that everyone could have been a winner but of course that isn’t possible. We know that there will be a lot of disappointed entrants so to sweeten the pill we are making this offer for ONE WEEK only. So be quick.


With every ki-bal we will send a fr*ee Malay Jade solfeggio embedded crystal pendant. Or looking at it another way – your ki-bal will only cost $50. This offer is for one week only. 


Malay Jade The ki-bal is our mini  p.e.bal and there is nothing small about its power. The ki-bal has a protective field of 12 meters diameter. That’s big! Great to carry around if you don’t want to wear a Nu-Me protective pendant. Beside the bed at night it will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Definitely more bang for your buck!

Order here…. And put Malay in the comments box to make sure that you get your fr*ee pendant.

 This offer closes on 20th March.   



Not sleeping – looking for the cause


EMF and Insomnia Are you having sleepless nights? We can’t always blame it on the full moon, energetic changes, the kids, spouse, or job. Can we?

Insomnia is rife, the new millennium disease. People sniff at the fact that Electromagnetic field radiation aka EMF is the most probable cause. How on earth can my electric blanket stop me from sleeping? It is supposed to help me to sleep? Right? No wrong. I need my cell phone beside my bed for the alarm clock function. It’s not receiving calls and I’m not speaking on it so it’s not doing any harm is it? Oh yes it is. You don’t need the alarm clock function because you won’t get any sleep.


EMF causes insomnia. Proven.How?

It interferes with our pineal gland by tricking into thinking it is light, and it is only at night that the pineal gland produces Melatonin, the hormone essential for sleep. And by the way it is also instrumental in the production of T cells which prevent cancer. So here is the link between EMF and cancer. The EMF, Insomnia, cancer jigsaw puzzle isn’t one of those with a fancy 2000 pieces types. It is a pre-school, printed on wood. Indestructible, simple six piece set. Slot it together and it makes perfect sense. That’s for those with at least pre-school intelligence!!

So curing insomnia has to start with looking at what we have around us.  Read more ……..   


“Holding it (Negator Shell) in bed just before sleep produces an effect that seems to bathe away the daily tensions and a peaceful feeling precedes my sleep state”. Zelos, NSW, Australia.


Win a P.e.bal

By popular request this month’s fr*ee prize draw is for a p.e.bal. 
Just answer the simple question.


“What do the engravings on the p.e.bal stand for?”


You can find the answer here  http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/pe-bal.

Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org and be in the hat to win. 



“And we’re reaping the benefits big time after having ordered one of your P.e.bals and Negator shell. Still can’t believe how good they work, after trying so many other products. Almost too good to be true!!! Thanks you for standing strong in this world of people who put their heads in the sand only because it’s invisible energy. I know what I feel and EMR affects your body….. 100% certain of that.”Sylvia Hendrikx, NZ




Fr*ee prize winners


The two Ki-bal winners are Marta Lewis and Karina Keyes.



Congratulations on winning a ki-bal each. Enjoy and benefit from them. Can you please send your mailing addresses to margie@life-energy.org


If you didn’t win, thanks for having a go. Don’t give up have another go at this month’s competition to win a p.e.bal. It is easy and maybe it will be your turn to win.

If you really wanted that ki-bal we have a special offer for one week. Have a look at it here…


The winner of the Hamilton camper and caravan show is:

Welcome to our Newsletter any new people from the show; it was so good meeting all of you at Hamilton. It was a great show blessed with glorious sunshine.

The winner of our prize draw is Fleur Foreman.  Congratulations. Please send your mailing address to  margie@life-energy.org

New colour snappy bands on their way

Watch this space


“I have always enjoyed reading all your newsletters and having your wonderful items. My son likes wearing the nu-me snappy and he calls it his watch”. Mimi, Subrata, Australia


David is speaking at the Cancer Congress in Auckland this weekend 16th/17th March.  If anyone is interested in attending email  david@life-energy.org

Words of greatness: Read more about the Nikola Tesla and how we incorporate his work in what we do 

“The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind.” Nikola Tesla.  

Thinking of you,

Margie and David.

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