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  • March 7, 2017
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* INTRODUCING the NEW Unity Skinny Nu-Me pendant, * FR*EE Hope stone for 3 days only, * Win a P.e.bal, runner-up prize a Chi-Shell, * Will a Nu-Me pendant interfere with other energetic jewellery?, * Warning Signs that Wi-Fi/Cellular Radiation is affecting your health

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> FR*EE Hope stone for 2 days only.
> Win a P.e.bal, runner-up prize a Chi-Shell
> Will a Nu-Me pendant interfere with other energetic jewellery?
> Warning Signs that Wi-Fi / Cellular Radiation is affecting your health.  

The NEW Skinny Nu-Me pendant


 For 3 days only
A FR*EE Hope stone

To celebrate its launch

This offer is for three days only,  7th/8th and 9th March a nd can’t be used with any other discount or offer.

We are so excited about our new design – The Unity Skinny Nu-Me pendant which says it all – “the state of being one; oneness”.
Its unique Life Energy Technology works on your body, emotions and spirit to be in harmony – at oneness. Protecting from EMF, and all unbalanced energies that are destructive to your own finely engineered energetic system, it will help you keep your equilibrium.

The design is unisex, a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery that gives no hint that it is probably the most powerful, tried and tested, protective pendant available – anywhere.

This could be our most beautiful design yet!

The Hope stone gives complete personal energy balancing and EMF protection within its large 14 meters (15 yard) protective field. Small enough to carry everywhere. An ideal gift that comes with an inspirational card and in a velvet pouch.

See Zen Hope stones here…….

“Just to say, firstly, how thrilled I am to have the new Nu-Me. Having had all the previous ones, including the shell (beautiful but weighty!), this one is ‘la crème de la crème’. It is wonderful to have a lighter weight around the neck and also to have the increased potency for EMF protection. I have been wearing it all morning and the strength is definitely more than even the large, older Nu-Me. Well done Life Energy team! I am primarily using the Nu-Me to neutralise EMF while on the computer for work. D. Benson, NZ

Warning Signs that Wi-Fi / Cellular Radiation is affecting your health?

“Thought I’d just let you know that I’ve just worn my Snappy for the first time on my night shift, where the Wi-Fi that was recently fitted was causing me so many problems/symptoms.
I’ve recently tried another device that successfully removed aches, pains and stress on the head, but really made my stomach upset and made me feel sick.
What I wasn’t prepared for with the Snappy was that my place of work had never felt healthier, even before the Wi-Fi arrived and no negative side effects. It is I assume neutralising other radiation apart from the Wi-Fi signals.

Anyway, must get to bed now. Very impressed, the 3rd protection I’ve tried and by far the best.

Thanks again” Roger Gail, U.K.

Win a P.e.bal or runner-up prize of a Chi-Shell
Now is your chance to own a P.e.bal or Chi-Shell – just answer this simple question – there is a little help here.

“How high (tall) is the p.e.bal?”

This competition will be drawn at the end of March – so watch this space.

“…. The other thing I noticed was that my partner seemed to go to sleep a lot quicker and said he had a really solid nights sleep. After 4 years of doing night shift and finishing at anywhere between 2.00 am and 4.00 a.m., he thought it was going to be difficult to get back into a day time rhythm. The P.E Bal seemed to make this transition a lot easier.

I on the other hand, it seems to have given me more energy which is great, but not when I am still awake late at night. So I have fixed that problem and put the P.e.bal at the other end of the house away from the bedroom.” H KwockSun, NZ

Frequently asked question.
Q. Can I wear my Nu-Me pendant with other energetic jewellery? Will it interfere?

A. Yes you can wear your Nu-Me pendant with other energetic/protective jewellery or crystals. The technology in the Nu-Me pendant is unique and has been extensively tried and tested for more than 10 years. If you have any concerns email david@life-energy.org we are always here to help.

“i just love my nu-me pendant, now everyone that sees me cant take there eyes of it. they all want one, because its so stunning and such an eye catcher 

hi margie, its me vanessa again, just thought id give u some more feedback regarding my pendant. its absolutely wonderful i feel calm and not so scattered in the head. i find im more sociable with people, im going to order the p.e.bal next.” Vanessa Fitti, New Zealand

Thinking of you,

Margie, David and Jo
Life Energy Designs NZ Ltd.  +64 (0)9 4166959 info@life-energy.org www.life-energy.org

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