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  • March 20, 2019
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  * Last Chance – All designs of Nu-Mes 15% off, * Sale Extended – Cheapest price ever on RadiSafe phone shields, * Brainwashing is being ramped up in preparation for 5G rollout, * International Appeal – Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, * The Quantum Scalar Box, * Ask us a question, Fr*ee Ebook, * Win a set of Zen Stones with two runner up prizes of Hope stones.

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The slaughter that happened here in New Zealand on Friday 15th March when 50 Muslims were killed while praying in a Mosque, has left us, and the whole world in shock. There has been an out-pouring of love, prayers and meditations for the victims, family, and friends. This horrific tragedy has united people in love at a time of world instability and hate. Out of unbelievable bad has come selfless good. And with the light of love we can overcome all the darkness.
We at LED send our love, prayers and healing to all those affected by this tragedy. We reach out to you and offer any help in any way that we can.

This is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the discount on all of our Nu-Me designs. Don’t forget that we have special Nu-Me’s for children (snappy/natty)and pets (natty pet). And because so many have made the request to extend our special offer on the RadiSafe phone shields as they missed it, or wanted to pass it on to family and friends, we are giving our newsletter readers another week to save money.
5G is in the news as the plans for its rollout are revved up. We urge you to act to stop this. We are being used as lab-rats in a gigantic experiment – it will be irreversible, and we are worth more than this!
Have you entered our competition to win a set of Zen stone? And – did you get our Fr*ee e-book?





ALL Designs of Nu-Me’s 




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“Just received the new Skinny and I love them so I am using your discount and buying two more of the same. All my friends really like them so they’ll be gifts! Thank you for your wonderful products!Blessings”, Ann, California











This offer has been extended for one week by popular request until 27th March or while stocks last. It can’t be used with any other offer or discount.




Brainwashing is being ramped up in preparation for 5G rollout.


Mainstream media treat us like idiots, and it would give us some good belly laughs if it wasn’t blatant brainwashing and crowd control. Sadly, too many people still believe that the news consists of only real and true facts. This is cause for concern, especially when their wellbeing is at stake by deliberate mis-information. Or at best only partial facts.
Yesterday I sat watching the New Zealand news, which I occasionally do to see what mud, which politician is slinging, and who is being covered in muck. The drama is intense, and it is better than any comedy show. No politically shenanigans last night though, but a long, and obviously fabricated, report on how wonderful 5G is. New Zealand government is preparing us for the up and coming 5G rollout.
They were using a self-drive vehicle, that will use 5G to operate, extolling all the benefits it would bring as a way of introducing the idea of 5G. They suggested that there is already a lot of interest in these vehicles in places like retirement homes! Perish the thought!
To the uninitiated it all sounds wonderful of course. For all those who still have their heads firmly in the sand about the dangers of EMF – 5G sounds as if it is heaven sent. They don’t seem to be concerned that no long-term testing has been done, which means that we are the guinea-pigs in this huge experiment with the potential to change life on this planet – irrevocably.
We need to wake up and take action – before it is too late.



Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. 






The Quantum Scalar Box
Insomnia is as debilitating as any illness, yet we dismiss the distress it brings us as ‘all being part of life’. That is until we are so tired it does affect our health. When people are so fed up of dragging themselves around, in between one sleepless night after another, at the end of their tether they will do almost anything for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


In testing blood before and after receiving the frequencies from the QSB for half hour, it has been proved that it de-stresses – dramatically. See the testing here…
When some-one is de-stressed sleep comes more easily as Debbie can confirm.


“I mainly purchased a QSB for my insomnia, as I have major problems with sleeping. Has been a major issue in my life for many years. I have tried everything imaginable. Under recommendation, I have the QSB on a timer for when I go to bed for 70 minutes and again in the morning before I rise. The results happened on the first night. I now look forward to bedtime instead of dreading each evening. Had forgotten how a good night’s sleep felt. I am a different person already and its only been a week. Debbie, Waipu, New Zealand.
If you don’t know what the QSB is, or does, watch our short video. And if you decide to benefit from one there is discount offer especially for you, our newsletter reader.




Get 15% off your QSB purchase plus a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen






Ask us a question.



Shungite is a fashionable crystal at the moment. Its virtues have been sung with extensive marketing. But be careful some crystals have a ‘downside’ and Shungite can be radio-active.
Q. I am looking to purchase several energy balancing devices and was referred to several companies; yours being one of them. The trouble I’m having is there isn’t any information listed as to what materials are used to create the product, so I don’t know what I’m really buying. For example, I’m definitely interested in shungite being part of the materials used in the device, but I can’t determine that from the information provided on your site. Is there anywhere on your site where this information is available?
A. Thanks for the email. Research before buying anything is important and we are pretty open about what goes into our products – allowing some room to protect our intellectual property, of course.
Probably the best place to start is to look at our technology page
Shungite, like many other crystals, will offer some passive protection on its own. It does however get “filled up” and stops working. Be aware that some Shungite is also radioactive! We don’t use it as it offers no additional benefit to our active technology, which is much stronger than any crystal or mineral on its own. All our products do contain high quality quartz crystals as you will see on our testing and technology web-page. I hope this clarifies.



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March News (4)

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