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  • March 30, 2017
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* Special Offer with an Easter flavour, * Keep Safe – Exposure to Wi-Fi class 2B carcinogen!, * The all-round good guy, * Win a P.e.bal or a Chi-Shell, * Frequently Asked Question,

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“I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal”
Groucho Marx
You are our only contact with the outside world! We sit here in our offices sweating or freezing, according to the season and if the heating/air-conditioning is working properly, trying to serve you. What might you want as a special offer? What questions do you need answering? What news is there that you can benefit from hearing? Can we make you laugh- a little? Or even smile – a bit?
We want to do better – so – this is our new look newsletter. Let us know if you like or hate it. Hearing from you is a real pleasure and lets us know that there actually is life beyond these walls!
In this letter, we have a really special, special offer with an Easter flavour –  a little something from us – a bar of real Kiwi chocolate, and that is in addition to THE FR*EE GIFT. Both David and Jo said they need to sample the chocolate to make sure it’s OK! I will keep it under lock and key to ensure it doesn’t ‘run out’ before you get yours!
There is also a prize draw to win a P.e.bal or Chi-shell – so have a go – it’s easy. New information about the harm cell phones do to kids – a must watch video. There is a frequently asked question and answer, and David in rotating at 360 degrees? We finish with something that inspired us and hope it does you too.
Easter Offer



Buy a Ki-bal or Chi-Shell and get a FR*EE Gift – see here



Keep Safe
– World Health Organization says that exposure to a  Wi-Fi type radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen.?




View our latest blog here
Or read here


The all-round good guy-
testing 360 degrees for the website!





We are going to have 360 degree photos of our products on our websites so that you can see front, back and sides. Children anticipating Christmas best describes our level of excitement. But – the equipment including a turntable was yet to arrive. So – David did a test video using an office chair as a make-shift turntable. So if you want to share our child-like anticipation have a watch. If you find it a little jerky it is because he needs to work on his shuffle!





Win a P.e.bal or runner-up prize of a Chi-Shell
Enter our prize draw and be in with a chance to win!!!



Frequently asked question.


David received this email from a customer who took advantage of our last offer for a new design Unity Nu-Me protective pendant with a fr*ee Zen Hope stone. They also had a question. If you missed out on this offer take a look at our latest special offer here….


QHi David my pendant is gorgeous, Thank you.  I just want to know can it or should it be worn at night? Will wearing my pounamu, affect the Nu-Me pendant? Also the hope stone (is this okay for my 7 year old to have in her bedroom?



Would you be able to suggest something for my car? Thank you.



AThanks for the email and your enthusiasm for your Skinny Unity.
Yes, you can wear it at night if you don’t move around too much in a way that might throttle yourself :-). If this doesn’t work you can put it under the pillow or on the bedside table.
Your pounamu will not affect your Nu-Me but the opposite will happen as the Nu-Me will clean the crystal and also include it in its energy field – thus empowering it and making it more active.
The Hope Stone is fine to be in the room with a 7-year-old – or any age. The only issue with children/ this technology can be with a full-strength Nu-Me which can make them a little dizzy.

I would recommend a Ki-Bal or a Chi-Shell for your car. I will give you a heads-up that our next newsletter has a special offer on these so watch your inbox (assuming you get our newsletters.) If not, sign up here.





We’re here for you,


David, Margie and Jo

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