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  • March 19, 2018
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* Gorgeous EASTER Gifts embedded with Solfeggio frequencies,
* Ask us a question,
* What are the best ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation?,
* What is the best solution for you?,
* The QSB takes Life Energy Designs into a new direction – join us,
* Want to know about the QSB,
* Win a Zen Stone – 3 prize winners.

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Gorgeous EASTER Gifts









Embedded with Solfeggio frequencies












Ask us a question



Q.  Why is Wi-Fi harmful?


A. The frequencies that are used for transmitting Wi-Fi are so close to the frequencies that our own bodies use for self-communication that Wi-Fi blocks them. When our body can’t self-communicate it understandably becomes stressed. In this state we can’t sustain our health mentally and physically. This is where dis-ease starts.




What are the best ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation?



Non-ionising radiation from Wi-Fi causes havoc in the body. It is used without thought or consideration in schools, universities, colleges, homes, work and public places. Wi-Fi radiation is reaching epidemic proportions and climbing!

Can anything be done to protect yourself from Wi-Fi?


There are some simple ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation.



What is the best solution for you?



Use the discount code LE11217 to get 10% off any of our products,
This does not apply to products that are already discounted, on special offer or are sold as seconds.



The QSB takes Life Energy Designs into a new direction – join us.





See event details here

Places are limited because there will be a live QSB experience. So, book early if you want to come.

If you can’t make it but want us to visit your area, and can help organize an event, email david@life-energy.org





Want to know about the QSB?





Our discount code QSBfifteen is still valid for Newsletter readers to get 15% off your QSB purchase. You will also receive the $199 upgrade pack FR*EE
Win a Zen stone – 3 PRIZE WINNERS



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Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

Newsletter March 2018

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