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  • March 17, 2012
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*See you at the Holistic Cancer Congress?
*Win a p.e.bal
*What is healing?
*Win a p.e.bal

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March 2012 (2)

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*3 day Sale*




See you at the Holistic Cancer Congress?

Win a p.e.bal

What is healing?





The vultures wait in the Tax department – It’s the end of our financial year. So before we tot up the figures and sign our life and maybe our sanity away we want to have some fun. A three day sale.


For the 28th, 29th and 30th March only every p.e.bal has 15% off  

And a RadiSafe phone shield for fr*ee


This is while stocks last and orders on 31st will be too late we as will be busy on our calculators trying to keep the happy guys in the tax department smiling.


So if you want one please don’t delay as we don’t want your tears to mingle with ours!!  


No limit to how many you can buy but code only to be used for p.e.bal

Use code fifteenandradi  


“This is only the third day since I received my p.e.bal and the changes I’ve seen in only a short time has prompted me to order my Nu.Me Pendant this morning.

“I took the p.e.bal to work yesterday and kept it in my coat pocket in the office. When we were having a tea break late afternoon I remarked to the boss that seemed much calmer than usual and he agreed but didn’t understand why. Perhaps I’ll tell him next week. ” Steve, UK

What is Healing

True Healing is often painful. Why? Because we are getting to what caused the dis-ease and that can be so embedded in who we are that trying to remove it causes pain. We hang on to what we have as if our lives depend on it when usually it is the opposite – our lives depend on getting rid of it.  


Mostly we don’t know the cause. Often we never discover it. But it always has to be healed if we are going to be completely well. That is the only place where true healing can happen.


Band Aids, we use them all the time. We treat the symptoms and the cause is festering away underneath. It is the same as having a rock in your shoe. It is crippling. But instead of removing the rock we use a Band Aid and maybe some padding, even change our socks. The result is obvious; we are going to always be in pain. Read more…………….


Want help to get the rock out of your shoe. We want to help you stop limping so see http://www.quantumtrailblazer.co.nz/remote/ it is supported by donations only.

Holistic Cancer Congress

Cancer, the big C word that spells fear for so many. Should it? Find out how big a monster it is and what we can do about it, much more than we have been led to believe by the pharmaceutical’s, at the first Holistic Cancer Congress in Parnell, Auckland this weekend – 31st March and 1st April. So if you are a practitioner of any kind and/or have an interest in natural approaches to healing cancer we will see you there. If their early bird rate has expired contact them directly and mention Life Energy Designs to secure it. 






Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, Dr Tim Ewer, Dr Robin Kelly, Richard Moat, Jason Shon Bennett, Jasmina Kovacev and David Holden.

 Still time to be a winner 


Pyramid Protection


Answer this simple question and you are in the draw to win a p.e.bal.


“What hormone is depleted by EMF and is necessary for sleep?”


Find a little help here….. if you need it.



Answers to  




The competition will be drawn at the end of March. If you have already answered the question you are already in the hat.





“The p.e.bal is 4cm high. Thanks for opportunity to win one. We have one at our business & usually one at home, but gave it to a close friend to have in her hospital room after she suffered a stroke last November & I simply will not ask for it back. Our friend is exceeding all initial prognoses in her re-hab. She has just returned home and will, in time be independent which is just wonderful. I have no doubt the p.e.bal has had a hand in that.” Yvonne, Auckland NZ




“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”Rachel Naomi Remen


And if the going gets tough remember “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Martin Luther King Jr.


Be Well,


Margie And David


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