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  • March 25, 2014
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*Nu-Me Natty now $69 for 5 days only.
*Panic attacks
*Win a Nu-Me protective pendant of your choice
*New Blockit-Pockits


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Nu-Me Natty now $69 for 5 days only.

Panic attacks

Win a Nu-Me protective pendant of your choice

New Blockit-Pockits






What have you got in common with your pets? There could be many answers to this one and not all completely complimentary! There is the old saying that people grow to look like their dogs – well they have more in common than just appearance.


Cats may be independent, looking for a band of slaves to care for them but they also have a lot in common with their human servants.

All the family, animal and human, are affected by electromagnetic radiation. We have a brilliant solution for animal family members with the Nu-Me Natty pet to protect them from all the harmful effects of this radiation. There is the Nu-Me Natty for the rest of the family.

But we are letting you into a secret:

The Nu-Me Natty Pet works in exactly the same way as the Nu-Me Natty.


Obviously your pet isn’t going to wear their Nu-Me Natty on a cord around its neck. Although I have seen them tied on ribbons and it makes quite a fashion statement. But that is the exception and not the rule – which is attaching them to their collars with jump rings.

Now on the other hand I have never seen a Nu-Me attached to a leather collar around a person’s neck. Maybe I just don’t go to the right places? On people a Nu-Me on a cord or chain looks great.

So we are breaking the rules and making you this offer – but Shush it is a secret that will save you money.

Nu-Me Natty Pet Offer – Humans Included!

Special price $69 (save $10)

Plus a fr*ee cotton cord

For 5 days only

The Nu-Me Natty works in exactly the same way as the Nu-Me protective pendant but this offer will give you adequate protection at a fraction of the price. Don’t miss out as stocks are limited and the offer ends on 30th March.


This is a secret that you can share with your friends so be sure to tell them to put “pet” in the discount box when they order or tell us if they phone with their order on 64 (0)9 416 6959. 


To see and order …….

“The Nu-Me gave her a noticeable boost of joyful energy and environmental protection that lasted until her passing.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product, 1 feel that it truly improved the quality of her life”.  Brenda Gow, USA




“All I can say is that my hubby has noticed I have more energy at times and as I say regardless of the challenges facing me, this natty keeps me calm.  I still may internally panic a little or mind go a hundred miles an hour, but something is keeping me calm.  It has to be the natty.”  Anne, NZ

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are more common than you think. But knowing that doesn’t help when you are in the middle of one. If you’ve never had one they vary very much in magnitude from a raised heart beat to full blown sheer panic and loss of control.
A stressful situation leads to panic and the resulting panic attack leads to more stress. It is a very vicious circle. Unless you break it, it is completely debilitating and all consuming.
I’ve had panic attacks – but not for ages. In fact looking back I had them quite regularly – but then life seemed to be full of stress. Lifts used to be a big one. They are for a lot of people. Confined space, lack of control, the mind going over time about mechanics breaking down, doors refusing to open and the lift plummeting to ground zero. The mind has been fed on these scenarios in films for ever. It makes for good tension and fear in movies but it brain washes us, like so many other things, into fear mode – which leads to – stress – which leads to panic attacks.

Any way I had forgotten what it felt like to be in the throes of a panic attack. I am pretty laid back about most things. Well that’s a lie I cope without panic. That is until I did a very ordinary thing that I have done dozens of times –

Or watch the video


New Blockit-Pockits


Manufacturers’ warn about how far away from the body mobile phones should be carried? Apple iPhone: maintain at least 15 mm (5/8 inch) separation between iPhone and the body, other manufacturers have similar instructions.

“On May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with use of mobile phones.”

The Blockit-Pockit is a case that gives you full protection from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and information theft.

We now have the Blockit-Pockit in three designs:


  1. A smart synthetic black leather case with a Velcro fastening that measures 15cm x 9cm (6″ x 3.5″ and fits most cell phones.
  2. A high-quality black soft leather pouch which fits up to an IPhone 4 or similar/ measuring approx. 7 x 12 cm or 3″x 5″. It comes with a cord so that you can carry your phone around your neck.
  3. The Blockit purse comes in black, beige and red. It will carry your phone, credit cards, and money. It measures 10 x 19cm (4″ x 7.5″)


To see more and order……..

Or watch the video   


Win a Silver or Copper Nu-Me Protective Pendant of your choice.


This is your chance to win a Silver or Copper Nu-Me protective pendant – and you get to choose which one.  All you need to do is answer a very simple question and you will find the answer here : Nu-Me

“What can Nu-Me protective pendants do for you?” – There are several answers to this one so have a go.  If your name is not in the cat you can’t win!

Send your answers to margie @life-energy.org.  It is always a pleasure hearing from you.

This competition will be drawn at the end of April.

“We are so happy with our nu-me that we have just ordered another one for our 8 month old baby.  This will bring the tally in our household to 5.  Keep up the great work”  Matthew, Australia



Man believes that he is the highest form of all animals – but is that true?

“Dogs are the leaders of the planet.  If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge.”  – Jerry Seinfeld

Thinking of you,

Margie, David and Jo

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