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29th September 2021
Get a beautiful FR*EE gift of an Amethyst and seed pearl pendant with every Nu-Me pendant.
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12 Ways to help overcome depression without drugs
Most people suffer a period of depression in their lives. Feeling down and depressed during these restrictions to our freedom in an enforced unnatural way of life it is a natural response.
 Often when we feel depressed, we are hurting so much all we want is to just stop the pain. It is easy to run to the doctor in desperation for some quick relief. But drugs for depression should only ever be a short-term solution because the side effects, like dumbing down your emotional response, can in the long run be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.
Overcoming depression without drugs may take effort at a time when all you want is a quick fix to feel better, but the long-term benefit will be that you will become a stronger, more balanced, capable person who has learned some new life skills along the way. ……
How a Nu-Me pendant can help when you feel depressed, stressed or suffer from PTS
The technology in the Nu-Me pendant is constantly working on bring us back into balance. Transmuting the negative into positive. Sam is a US veteran who suffered PTS he has made this video to show how the Nu-Me pendant helped him. Note that he had a Full-size Nu-Me pendant which has been replaced by the Skinny range, that has advanced technology, so although smaller it is as powerful.
See Sam’s first video
See Nu-Me Pendants 
Amethyst and natural seed pearl pendant
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With every Nu-Me Pendant
This offer is for ONE WEEK ONLY or while stocks last. The Amethyst and natural seed pearl pendant has a claw fasting and can be worn with other jewellery, a Nu-Me Pendant, or as a fashion accessory. 
“The items arrived today. Super-fast shipping! Thank you so much. As soon as I put on the Nu-Me necklace, I instantly felt calm and almost euphoric. My mind feels so clear now. No pain either. Thank you so much for these amazing products. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. I sent your info to my friend ….. I’m hopeful that these will help her too. Thank you again. Your products are lifesaving! Many blessings to you,” Leigh Ann
Your replies to last week’s Having your say
We have been overwhelmed with messages to Jenny who expressed this in last week’s newsletter:
“I don’t feel like a parent anymore because my kids just don’t listen to me and believe everything, they are told about EMF being rubbish. I am banging my head against a brick wall. Now my twelve-year-old just got vaxed against my wishes because the government has given her the right to do it. I know you can’t do anything to change this, but it helps to get it off my chest with people that I know at least care.”
It shows that many other parents can identify with Jenny’s experience, or are outraged about, as one email said “twelve-year-olds are not even allowed to get their ears pierced without parental consent, yet the government condones and encourages this”?
About EMF it seems that concerned parents are competing with the official narrative about safety, peer pressure, and convenience. Their children’s hands are wedded to their EMF emitting devices like phones and tablets. It is a constant battle to be heard these parents say.
If you have any views or tips to share on how you handle your kids around EMF email margie@life-energy.org.
For EMF protection information
Win a Stainless-Steel Nu-Me Evolution pendant.
This winner will be announced in our next newsletter!
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