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  • September 23, 2020
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September 23 rd 2020
get Ebook “Immune Food Solutions
a Checklist and a Mind Map.
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Highly sensitive people find it hard when the energy around them is unbalanced. Negative energy which includes EMF affects them more than most people.
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Our NEW Stainless-steel Ki-bal is gorgeous – even though we say it ourselves. Stainless-steel makes it slightly stronger energetically, with a protective field of 15.5 meters – And we all know how tough Stainless-steel is too, so it will stand up to a hard life. 
“I have to tell you, I bought yr keyring pyramid pendant about 3 or so months ago… this is the first winter in 8 years i have not had a cold, some type of chest and/or sinus infection, not even a slight sniffle!! My kids too, normally some type of sniff, cough, something on and off all winter- this winter they are 90% better, its been incredible!” Reina Cottier, NZ
Having your say 
I am sensitive to EMF. Until I wore a protective pendant, not Life Energy, I would feel as though I had a recurrence of Chronic Fatigue. These times of feeling totally wiped out coincided with several things in particular:
 – visits to a prison to see a friend
 – teaching once a week at a school near Wellington airport
 – magnetic storms
 – solar flares
For some years I wore a pendant which helped for a couple of years but I became aware it wasn’t strong enough for me. After two visits to Rimutaka prison I had to stop visiting. I would have to stop the car and sleep for half an hour on the way home as my eyes were closing with exhaustion. This was a drive of 1 1/4 hours which normally wouldn’t trouble me at all. That was nearly three years ago.
Today I returned to visit, but this time wearing my Nu-Me Skinny pendant. The result: not a yawn on the way home. I was and am fine.
I didn’t need proof of the strength of Life Energy devices, but this is ample proof for me.
Posted on the QSB forum.
See the Nu-Me Skinny Pendant here…
If you have something you want to share email margie@life-energy.org
Highly Sensitive People are having a hard time.
Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) is never easy because you get buffeted around in ways that less sensitive people don’t. It is natural to try and keep up with others and ignore your own needs.
The collective energy on the planet right now is chaotic. Is it any wonder? We are being forced to live and behave in an alien way to our basic human-program. It is not life-affirming, causing stress, dis-ease, depression, and increased suicides. Our inherent nature is to recognise each other, interact and hug. Masks, social distancing and enforced isolation prevent this. The world is a mess – which messes with us too.
While we are all preoccupied with Covid, and the restrictions being imposed in the name of safety, the highly sensitive are being affected most because they are so energy sensitive.
Most HSP are electrosensitive. EMF is a more tangible and is an understandable source of energy disturbance, while collective disturbed energy is less quantifiable. But it is no less disturbing and deadly to a HSP.
Now is the time when we need to take extra care of ourselves – look and feel our needs. Not pushing on in the race to either comply and conform or protest and be heard. Whatever our stance most of us are ‘ill at ease’ because we aren’t living life naturally and fully as our nature requires. The little Covid Character is always sitting on our shoulder dictating to us – whether we are afraid of it or not.
Keeping our own energy systems balanced is imperative right now. If you have a Life Energy product use it fully. Wear your Nu-Me pendant which will automatically keep balancing your energy centres while the Solfeggio frequencies embedded in them acts like a homeopathic resource for your wellbeing.
Carrying a little Hope stone, Shell shield, ki-bal or chi-shell in your pocket will not only protect you from EMF it will also protect you from all unbalanced energy, helping keep you calm and centred.
Any other device, the Power p.e.bal, Shell Shield or Zen Stones will interact with your own energy system when you hold them. This can be extremely relaxing and is good when meditating or prior to going to bed. Don’t leave any of our products on a shelf while trying to soldier on alone. Use them like the allies they are and keep them close.
And if you have a QSB use it often and engage with it – your intent and the power of your mind combined with the Scalar waves, which are the fundamental building bricks of life itself, are mighty powerful – this is where miracles begin – and getting beyond this Global mayhem will happen.
Stay cocooned in the Love That IS.
Growing EMF Awareness Slows the Rollout of 5G in Europe
2020 has thrown a number of obstacles our way – some of which were entirely unexpected, while others – and, in particular, the rollout of 5G – had been lying on the horizon long before 2019 drew to a close.
The year is far from over, however, and despite the innumerable setbacks – both global and personal – that we have all encountered over the past months, there remains some progress to be seen.
Fears over the growing proliferation of 5G within our day-to-day lives are spreading rapidly, and those who may never before have considered the impact EMFs are having on ….
Although we are still in the grip of Covid restrictions we are still here to help and support you.
We are receiving and processing your orders as usual, and as always are available to answer your queries and answer your questions.
Shipping to some International destinations is taking a few days longer. This is current information from New Zealand Post and couriers. From our experience most destinations are still receiving packages in the usual time frame.
The roll-out of 5G worldwide is causing concern and people experiencing radiation symptoms is growing rapidly. We need to stop it but until then make sure that you protected and safe as possible.
Energetically we are collectively feeling the global fear, repression, and suffering. It is a time when we need to take care of our needs and be kind to ourselves and others.
Don’t forget that our products balance all forms of unbalanced energy, of which EMF is only one. So, use or wear, them to give you a boost and help you stay protected from all forms of unbalanced energy. It is always difficult to maintain your equilibrium when there is so much negativity around so make use of the tools that you have available.
The Solfeggio frequencies embedded in our products act homoeopathically so that your body can take from them what it needs. If you have a QSB use it regularly to help you relax, sleep and heal.
Every day from 9am to 10am New Zealand time we are continuing to do distant healing with Scalar wave frequencies to heal people and our planet from the direct and indirect suffering caused by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic, and move us forward into a united, prosperous and enlightened world.
Two prizes of a Snappy Natty Nu-Me Combo to be won in our Fr*ee prize draw. 
Our thoughts are with you,
Margie and David.
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077



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