Life Energy News October (4) 2021

  • October 27, 2021
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27th October 2021
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AWESOME!!! Everyone loved the gifts we gave them at Christmas. We have ours everywhere in the home, on the phones, on my purse and my Husband’s bag and on my dog, Maggy. We are thankful to have found LIFE ENERGY!!! So grateful for you all! God bless you and keep doing what you are doing. Helping to save lives.
I am very pleased with the products and your company. I couldn’t believe how fast the products arrived as well. We will continue to support your company in the future!! Sandy Broomhead, USA
This newsletter was nearly never written. It’s been a full-on week. Thirty-six applications for our job vacancy, some losing their careers because of the no-jab-no-job policy. Their informed choice to say ‘no’ led them to be searching for work. Sadly, we can’t employ them all, but it made it all the harder to choose because of our empathy with them.
I also got an email last week that said our newsletters were getting emotional – and it got me thinking. Whether this was a criticism, or an observation doesn’t really matter because we are living in unnatural situations that are stirring up e-motions by triggering us. These e-motions whether negative or positive are an indication of our sense of being – and should not be dismissed and ignored.
So, after my initial WTF do we put in the newsletters if there is no emotional content, I was spurred on to get this newsletter finished.
Our e-motions tell us where we are at. All that is going on in our lives. It is pushing us to unlock that part of us where we store our unconscious patterns that were probably created in our childhoods. These don’t serve us and are what hold us back stopping us being who we truly are.
I believe that Now is the time to unlock these bolts of restrictions. We may be physically restrained by outside governance but that doesn’t mean that we must be prisoners unto ourselves.
Now is the time to fr*ee ourselves. To stand tall in our own power. NOW IS THE TIME.
So, your e-motions are a signpost as to what is holding you in bondage. Reflect, meditate, if you have a QSB use it as the frequencies will dig away at the causal roots of the energy-in-motion and will energetically help you to oust what is preventing you from being the wonderful being you are. What is holding you prisoner.
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Love your products. Wear my pendant daily and my QSB with p.e.bal pyramid on top makes such a difference to my and my family’s health. Thank you. X
Jo Kempton, Facebook
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