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6th October 2021
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Scroll down to see an Energetic Perspective on Shed-ding.
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Have just bought my first Nu-Me, the Evolution stainless. Am very impressed with your products. My body tingled the first time I held one of your tools. Am recovering from a major sickness, the Nu-Me  necklace helps a lot. Thanks Lynn Joyce
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 Have worn mine (Nu-Me) every day since I got it & WOW what a difference it has made to just getting thru these stupid lockdowns and being isolated from friends & families – great for young & old regardless of your situation – thanks David & Margie – Barbara King on Facebook
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Energetic Perspective on
Well, this is a subject that I was not expecting to write about. It is well into that dangerous territory which seems to have become a battle ground between people sitting on two sides of a brand-new fence.
So, with some trepidation and with the intent of being as diplomatic as possible, here we go.
If you think that our governments and media are telling us the whole truth then I would suggest that you stop reading here as this might be triggering for you.
I heard about this phenomenon some months ago. It was reported that non-vaccinated people were having significant symptoms as a result of some type of transferral from people who had received one of the current experimental vac*cines for Co*vid-19. This is generally referred to as shed-ding.
My awareness of this issue went from “interesting, I wonder if this is true” to “pretty curious” as many of our customers started getting in touch to ask what protection our products might offer.
Some of these enquiries were people who had read the same material as I had but others had friends or family members who were experiencing symptoms themselves.
Last week I had a call from a new customer of ours who had just received a Nu-Me Pendant. She is a massage therapist who, contrary to her own gut instinct, went ahead and gave a massage to a vac*cinated client. This resulted in three sick days in bed with multiple symptoms including heavy menstrual bleeding and headaches.
All the previous enquiries, now topped with a first-hand report meant it was time to do some more research, tune in to some intuition, and put forward a response.
Mr Google doesn’t seem to think that there is any truth to vac*cine shed-ding with pages and pages of de-bunking on top of the search results. Facebook is full of first-hand reports on this subject, but their search function works pretty much like Google’s in this regard. Telegram has a group with nearly 10,000 members dealing exclusively with this subject which would indicate to me that this is a well-censored subject with truth at its core. Vac*cine shed-ding is, after all, a well-known phenomenon associated with many vac*cines.
It seems that women and children are most seriously affected with symptoms commonly reported that include:
Itchy skin
 Headaches or migraines
 Menstrual irregularities including:
 Excessive bleeding
 Irregular periods
 Re-onset of periods after menopause
 Blood clotting
 Brain fog or confusion
 General malaise.
The number one suspect for causing these symptoms is something called a sp*ike protein and there is plenty of information out there about how this might work – some of it contradictory to be honest. This goes mostly over my head, so I won’t even go there.
We at life Energy Designs tend to think of everything in terms of energy. Quantum physics has determined that everything is an expression of energy vibrating under the influence of consciousness. If you accept this to be true then everything, including biology, can be expressed in terms of energy and there will be an energetic solution to every problem.
Life Energy Solutions, as our website name suggests, is what we are about but I have been hesitant up to now in suggesting that our products can offer a solution. I believe that now we are in a position to put them forward more confidently – backed with our usual guarantee, of course.
Whatever you think of the experimental vac*cines and their efficacy, I think it reasonable to say that they are at the very least causing a shock to our human systems on introduction. A shocked body will be de-stabilised energetically and will then become a destabilising influence on anybody nearby – particularly those who are in any way energy sensitive.
One of the benefits of our devices is that they isolate the wearer’s energy from those around them. If “shed-ding” is at its root an energetic process, then having a Nu-Me pendant around your neck or a Ki-Bal in your pocket will be offering good protection.
Margie is one of the most sensitive people I have ever met. She can feel what somebody is feeling just by standing near them. If anybody was going to be a candidate for being affected by this, Margie would be it – a perfect test subject.
Despite sitting in the chair of a vac*cinated dentist, with a vac*cinated dental nurse for an extended period of time, Margie was fine and has not had any adverse reactions to others who are vac*cinated. She always wears a Nu-Me pendant.
This, of course, is not what you could call conclusive evidence, but evidence does seem to be stacking up. If you are wearing a Nu-Me and have had this kind of reaction, let us know but, as of now we have had no feedback about shed-ding symptoms from customers who have been using our technology at the time of exposure.
If you are concerned about this issue and don’t have one of our devices yet, they are fully guaranteed if you want to try one.
*Please forgive the asterisks and hyphens used to disguise words which are triggering censoring algorithms that might otherwise stop this getting to your inbox.
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Just wanted to thank you for not only your speedy amazing service but the beautiful products I received at 9am this morning after ordering yesterday after lunch. They are absolutely delicious
Stephanie, NZ
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And this applies to 2021 too!
Thinking of you
Margie and David
and the Life Energy Team
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