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23rd June 2021
Moving into a new home isn’t always as exciting as you anticipate. What do you do if it feels uncomfortable living there?
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We have recently moved into new house, and I don’t feel comfortable here. I don’t know why because I was so excited about moving. Could it be energetic? EMF? Geopathic stress? I am at a loss, I should be enjoying my lovely house, but I feel uncomfortable in it. HELP!
Sorry to hear that you are not able to enjoy your new home. Sadly, it is more common than you may imagine. People move with expectations that it is a will be a happy new start to their lives.
The cause of it will definitely be energetic, after all everything is actually energy, but whether that is EMF, Geopathic stress or negative energy lodged in the building or land will be hard to determine. It is most likely to be a combination of causes.
Any of our Zone protectors will harmonize the unbalanced energy whether it is EMF, Geopathic stress or clear historic negative energy.
Feng Shui has been used in the east for thousands of years and the video below might be of interest but bear in mind that one Power P.e.bal, which is moving, balancing, and harmonising the energy around it, will happily do the Feng Shui for you.
Hope this helps you to create a great space to live in.
Read about EMF here…..
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If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org.
I NEVER travel to any hotel or anywhere without my p.e.bal these days. I used to be so sensitive to weird energies in hotels and now I feel confident and sleep peacefully every time. I even took it to my freelance gig at a highly competitive, hostile & stressful workplace and the two day freelance gig went without stress or previous workplace hostility! (experienced the last several times there!) If only they knew!!.” Lindy, Manhattan, USA
Feng Shui
The age-old oriental art form of Feng Shui has been a way of life for millions of people over the centuries, and today it is becoming an increasingly popular practice in the Western world. With the aim of creating harmony and balance, Feng Shui can be the perfect way to help regain control and calmness over the everyday stresses and strains of life.
House Clearing & Land Clearing
Most of us have experienced going into a building and not liking the feeling in it – for no apparent reason. Lots of people move house and the whole family dynamics change. They start arguing. Family unity breaks down. They are sick more frequently. The place never feels like home. (The reverse is of course true when we move into what was a family home full of love and laughter – it feels good.)
What is going on?…….
Many grateful thanks to you David and Margie! My love stone arrived very quickly with the pendant and to my surprise an extra delightful gift! It made my day in so many ways, thank you, thank you, thank you,!! It was very kind and generous of you. I love them all, the energy of the love stone is making a difference in a challenging environment for us. I hope you’re both doing really well! I’ll be back ordering a few RadiSafe soonish. Nina Hirvi, UK.
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To create beneficial ambience in your home
Music is fundamental and can inspire us to dance, relax or meditate.
There is no music more beneficial than Solfeggio music with binaural beats to help create a space of tranquillity and healing in your home. 
Win a Zen stones LOVE and HOPE.
Thinking of you
Margie and David
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