Life Energy News June 3rd 2021

  • June 16, 2021
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16th June 2021
How much control do we have on our lives? Quantum physics says complete. Watch this video. And that goes for our healing too.
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New Healing Paradigm Needed!
It’s official. According to cutting edge quantum physics, we are all vibrating energy. So why then does our medical system still treat us like lumps of meat? Is it not time for a new approach, a new paradigm of healing?
We are complex energetic systems. Only part of what we are is manifested in the physical. When we are looking at our overall well-being, we need to look beyond the physical–out into the realms of the emotional and spiritual components of who we are.
When we are considering what ails us,….
QUANTUM PHYSICS | How to Bend Reality – 5th Dimensional Creation.
Ask us a question about Smart meters
My power company is hounding me again to have a smart meter to replace my analogue one. Their sales spiel is pretty convincing, and I feel fed up with the fight of it all. Are they really that bad?
Yes, they really are bad for your health a wellbeing so don’t give in or give up. I know how relentless they are, there is no such thing as no means no, they will try every couple of years to change your mind. The short video below shows how smart meters emit constant radiation. Why they need to do this is a mystery? If they were only monitoring usage, then once a month would be adequate surely?
I don’t want to get into theories and possibilities however as our concern is EMF radiation and giving you information that keeps you well. See are article “Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses that strike people in their own homes” here…
Note: If you are a newsletter reader in rental property and have no say about the meter make sure you have protection. See our p.e.bal here… but remember that all our products create a protective field, so they need to be near you and the family rather than the source of EMF radiation. In extreme cases however people designate one of our Zone protection products to be exclusively by the source i.e. the smart meter.
See our Product comparison chart here….
If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org.
Smart Meters Emit Constant Microwave Radiation
Nu-Me Stainless Steel Yin-Yang Pendants.
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“Thanks for the E-newsletter. I never take my Nu-Me pendant off except when getting into the shower. I’ve discovered what a wonderful device it is. It makes me very calm, thoughts and concentration are more focussed, and a general “feel good” energy all day and night. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!” T Kristo, Australia
Win a Zen stones LOVE and HOPE.
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