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  • June 24, 2020
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June 24th 2020
The events around the COVID -19 Pandemic has caused mental and emotional trauma that needs to be addressed. This can be destructive to our health and wellbeing if our well-ordered personal energy systems are not brought
back into balance
A Nu-Me pendant can balance your energy and make you stronger –
See how
Only days until our ki-bal competition is drawn. Have you
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Since the COVID -19 Lockdown I have been feeling lethargic and depressed. My doctor has prescribed antidepressants, but I really don’t want to go down that road. I have read that EMF can cause this. Could that be the cause? 
The last few months have been a challenge for lots of us. We have been bombarded with lots of negative facts and events. We have all had to be isolated or experience social distancing at the very least. None of this is conducive to our basic human natures as social animals. There must be lots of emotional trauma displaying as depression and low energy right now.
Add to the mix the absolute fact that EMF does cause both lethargy and depression means what you are feeling is probably a combination of these things. There may of course be other underlying causes.
If your doctor didn’t give you a good medical check-up either go back to them, or seek out a caring health care professional you have confidence in. You can then rule out a medical condition that may be causing your symptoms other than EMF exposure.
To balance up the negativity that’s being bombarded at us try and do some life affirming things. Walk or even sit in nature, read inspirational books and movies. Watch comedy and have a good laugh. Spend time with positive people. Be mindful and in the moment.
Our products not only provide
EMF protectionthey
Energy balance

– this means that if you wear or hold one it is interacting with your own energy system – bringing you back to balance. Transmuting the negative into positive. Hold it while you meditate. Meditation is a great way to connect with your inner strength to overcome low moods, anxiety and depression.

If you haven’t meditated before, or haven’t found it easy, don’t make a mission of it, just start by sitting quietly focusing on your breathing, or on a flower, a candle or any lovely object or image that holds your attention. Just listen to the silence behind the sounds around you. You may only do it for a moment or two but like anything practice makes it easier. Holding one of our balancing products while meditating or even reading or watching TV is very calming.
is also a powerful tool to assist relaxation, meditation, and wellness.
If you have a question email
See our
comparison chart
for the balancing/protective fields of different products.
“What I wanted to tell you is the difference the p.e.bal made to my home life. I’ve lived here for eight years in an upstairs one bedroom flat. The soundproofing isn’t great and the man who lives below me is a nightmare. When I first moved here he told me that he’d had a nervous breakdown and been in a mental institution for a while. He’s very highly strung and everything he does is at top volume. When he’s on the phone I can hear everything he says. I’ve been down and told him this several times thinking that he’ll keep it down for the sake of his own privacy but nothing changes. I think he has a problem being alone. He can’t bear the silence and when he’s not on the phone he makes a grunting and groaning sound all the time. Anyway, I always dread the weekend when I’m not at work knowing I’ll be listening to him all day. It’s now 12:45 on Saturday and apart from one phone call he made earlier and the occasional light noise I’ve not heard any grunting all morning. I don’t know if the p.e.bal is blocking the negativity I usually feel when he’s doing it (which makes me feel stressed)or it’s affecting him directly and calming him down.”
Steve, UK.
Multi-buy discounts available.
If you’re wearing one of our Nu-Me pendants, your personal energy field is constantly being brought back into balance. When our well ordered energy system become knocked out of balance by any negative energy including EMF radiation, other people’s negativity, trauma – both physical or mental, negative emotions like fear, and all things that are not supportive of LIFE, we become sick. We can become anxious and depressed. Our energy levels drop, and life becomes a chore instead of a joy. We look at our ’problems’ and stop ‘counting our blessings’.
To be and stay well, our energy needs to be in balance.
“I wanted to talk about the Nu-Me pendant I bought from you while living in NZ (about 8 years ago). Today, I realized how much it benefits me on a day-to-day basis. For the first time I remember I forgot to put it on.
I am a high school teacher, and, as you can imagine feeling centred and strong in your own energy is a must in this job. Without the pendant my energy felt more scattered and I felt more vulnerable to discordant energies around me – from students and from colleagues! For energy integrity and keeping you feeling calm and energised I find the Nu-Me essential. John Ramsay, Edinburgh UK”
John Ramsay, Edinburgh UK
Watch This Video To See How A Nu Me Balances Your Energy
“Jo- ann, thanks for the quick reply. I received the nu-me pendant today in the mail. It seems to be starting to work already, making me feel more relaxed yet a bit stronger. i can also breathe better.
Thanks again for the excellent customer service, I will definitely buy again from your website soon.”
Ken Schiavo, USA
EMF Radiation – The Forgotten Pollutant
Human progress is both a blessing and a curse. We reshape the world, and in doing so we alter the delicate balance that makes it a miracle compared with the countless other planets in our solar system. Heedless progress has proven itself time and time again to be untenable; making life easier for ourselves with technology will, ironically, make it virtually impossible in the near future.
Pollution comes in many different forms. Among the worst offenders — of which our modern way of life is responsible — are particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen and sulphur dioxide in the air; plastic, oil, volatile organic compounds, radioactive material and heavy metals in the oceans; pesticides and leachate in the land. Some make themselves more known than others. We are growing evermore used to images of smoggy cities, melting ice caps, oil-slick water, and beaches that are overrun with refuse and non-biodegradable detritus.
Change is happening, but without a global effort, it is limited. What’s more, it is continuously hampered by the ulterior motives of……
The current information from New Zealand Post and couriers is that shipping is getting back to normal, they are clearing any backlog, and there are now minimal delays.
We are receiving and processing your orders as usual, and as always are available to answer your queries and answer your questions.
Don’t forget that 
our products
balance all forms of unbalanced energy, of which EMF is only one. So, use or wear, them to give you a boost and help you stay protected from all forms of unbalanced energy. It is always difficult to maintain your equilibrium when there is so much negativity around so make use of the tools that you have available.
Solfeggio frequenciesembedded in our products act homoeopathically so that your body can take from them what it needs. If you have a
use it regularly to help you relax, sleep and heal.

Every day from 9am to 10am New Zealand time we are continuing to do distant healing with Scalar wave frequencies to heal people and our planet from the direct and indirect suffering caused by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic, and move us forward into a united, prosperous and enlightened world.
Win a Ki-Bal and Family Pack of 4 Radisafe Phone Shields
Our thoughts are with you,
Margie and David.
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077

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