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  • June 2, 2021
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2nd June 2021
The Tri-curl and Knot are back but selling fast so will go on back-order – don’t hesitate and have to wait. New designs are also hot cakes and will go on back order too.
What is grounding – and why is it important?
New Prize draw – you have to be in to win! Enter here.
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments to help spread the cost of your purchase is now available at the check-out.
These designs have been out of stock for some time – but now they’re back.
Available in both Stirling Silver and Stainless steel.
The items arrived today. Super-fast shipping! Thank you so much. As soon as I put on the necklace, I instantly felt calm and almost euphoric. My mind feels so clear now. No pain either. Thank you so much for these amazing products. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. I sent your info to my friend ….. I’m hopeful that these will help her too. Thank you again. Your products are lifesaving! Many blessings to you, Leigh Ann, USA
Ask us a Question
I have had my Nu-Me pendant for about eight years or more and just love it, but I like your new designs is there any other difference than mine?
Yes, they have our updated technology to cope with the higher levels of negative energetic stress, including EMF radiation, that our bodies are now coping with.
Hope this helps you make the decision.
See our Nu-Me pendant range with updated technology here.
Look at EMF radiation here.
If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments to help spread the cost of your purchase is now available.
 Available in both Stirling Silver and Stainless steel. Be Quick -Initial stock is limited.
What can the pendant do? It helps with my health. I notice I am more tired if I don’t wear it. I have seen it affect the babies I hold close to me when they hold it. Very calming. I have worn one for nearly 10 years. Helps with immunity. It helps keeps energy to myself when I need it. I love my pendant thanks Karyn, New Zealand
Why is grounding so important?
We need to be connected to the earths electrical energetic field, but modern living and EMF interference makes this very difficult, almost impossible in some circumstances…….
How strong are you? 
This video shows how a simple test can show you how grounded you really are.
What is Grounding (Earthing)? with Deepak Chopra, M.D.
The Nu-Me Pendant stabilises the Circadian Rhythms that Deepak talks about in this video while it is also an excellent grounding tool that is with you and working all the time while wearing it –this can be 24/7 if you choose
And the winner of two Shell Shields is?
Win a Zen stones LOVE and HOPE.
Question – “What can Zen Stones be used for?”
Mark the date.
New Zealand Residents.
Undoing Stress.
Interactive talk with David Slinger, inventor of the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB). Includes half an hour session with this Tesla technology.
July 3rd 2021 11.00 am at Green Goddess, 3/3 Workspace Drive Hobsonville Auckland 0618
Thinking of you
Margie and David
and the Life Energy Team
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077



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