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  • July 28, 2021
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28th July 2021
This is the LAST DAY to get our lowest price ever the Nu-Me Natty. The response to this offer has been fantastic with the huge savings on the double deal being by far the most popular.
It is encouraging to see how many responsible adults are taking care of their kids.
Only until the end of July to enter our prize draw to win Zen Stone Love and Hope.
On Kids Protection.
The Nu-Me Natty
Even cheaper if you buy two!
This offer is for one week only.
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments are available at the check-out.
Karen’s son is 8 years and daughter is 6 years.
My Nu Me Natty Xmas combo arrived yesterday. I thought I’d share it with my son who loves the p.e.bal and Negater Shell. As expected, my son loves his Nu Me Natty. To my surprise my daughter has taken the other Nu Me Natty and loves it. She has never shown any interest in the p.e.bal or Negater Shell!! It looks like I’ll have to buy my own! Thanks again Karen Messenger, NZ
Natty’s aren’t only for kids.
“Received my Natty on 7 Jan. I had a bad headache coming home from work and I immediately put it around my neck. Low and behold, my headache went away within 5 minutes. Can this be so? I felt so at ease as if I was in a bubble. Everything was clear and calm. I have slept with it and I can feel the difference when I wake up. Very energetic. Thank You so much! It will always be a part of my life. It will be worn EVERY DAY!!!!!” Regina Spence, UK
Ask us a question – about children’s sensitivity.
Children’s sensitivity can be distressing and not easy to understand, as this question from a perturbed parent shows. It is easy to dismiss a child’s behaviour, that results from their sensitivity, as being difficult, seeking attention or having a nervous disposition.
Children are now being born with a higher level of sensitivity and by understanding this and not trying to put them in the standard box of ‘normal’ can we help them cope and enjoy their gift. We can also realise what a blessing it is to have a child that is so much in tune with all that is. 
 I ran into your website when I was searching for products to help me daughter, who has severe neurological issues. It still amazes me to see how she reacts to every new/full moon, solar flares, and sometimes planetary movement like solar/lunar eclipse. I recently purchased expensive fabric and a canopy to shield her from EMF. It’s working well but it doesn’t help geopathic stress like full moon. I’ve been trying to find scientific explanations on why human brain can react to things like the moon but have found no satisfying answers. However, my daughter really made me believe that it is true. I’m wondering whether you can help me understand this, and recommend products that can help. Thanks.
Your daughter is obviously very energy sensitive. To understand the mechanism behind your daughter’s sensitivity you would need to look at getting a broad understanding of quantum physics. In a nutshell this concludes that everything is energy, and everything and everyone is connected. 
I would recommend looking at a Nu-Me pendant for your daughter. It will protect against all forms of negative energy and will certainly help her.
You can read how it works here.
And see the options here.
See Nu-me Natty deal here.
If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org
The Emerging Link between Wireless and Autism
Have children that have been wrongly diagnosed with Autism rather than the symptoms caused by EMF radiation? This is a short and thought-provoking video.
Copper Nu-Me Yin Yang Pendant
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments are available at the check-out.
These Copper Yin Yang Nu-Me pendants are a Limited Edition of 30 only.
If you want something unique, that is not only a gorgeous piece of jewellery crafted in copper, this Nu-Me pendant is a once only opportunity. A true collection piece that has our balancing and protective technology.
“I have just picked up my new pendant and it is now dangling round my neck. The package arrived surprisingly fast. You guys don’t mess around! I am really pleased with the workmanship, it looks as good as the Web photos. Two thumbs up to the craftsman/woman and designer. I’m glad I stumbled upon your company. Money well spent.” Alex, Australia
Competition ends this month to win Zen Stone Love and Hope?
Thinking of you
Margie and David
and the Life Energy Team
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Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
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