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  • May 6, 2020
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January 22nd 2020
January is traditionally sale time. Our sale of surplus stock of
Nu-Me copper pendants
 is a once only opportunity to get protected by the latest technology at a fraction of the price.
You won’t believe how EMF affects our bodies watch Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S, NCMP, Ph.D.  
video interview to see why.
If you were too late to get a seconds POWER P.E.BAL we are so sorry. It only took a few hours to sell out. We genuinely don’t have even one left lurking in a corner. It may be a while before there are any more, but
you will be the first to know.
There is an 
international protect against 5G
taking place on the 25
 January. We all need to get involved and stop this assault on us and our planet.
Multibuy discount available.
This stock has been in storage for a while so due to the property of copper may not be so shiny as it could be, but the jewellery cloth we will provide will give you the option to choose the beautiful burnished look or gleaming and bright.
Now is your chance to get a real bargain.
*IMPORTANT: stock is very limited. This offer is being offered to our newsletter readers and it is strictly first come, first served with no purchase limit. It
CAN NOT be used with any other offer or discount and doing so will delay your order and or result in loss of the opportunity of getting any of these great seconds. If you do want to order other item using a discount code, make two separate orders and we will refund the extra postage.
“I have just picked up my new pendant and it is now dangling round my neck. The package arrived surprisingly fast. You guys don’t mess around! I am really pleased with the workmanship; it looks as good as the Web photos. Two thumbs up to the craftsman/woman and designer. I’m glad I stumbled upon your company. Money well spent.” Alex, Australia
We have a double story house. If we get a new POWER P.e.bal and keep it in the room where we have the most EMFs, will that cover the whole house? Or would it be wise to get one for downstairs as well, given that we have so many cell towers nearby?
With multiple cell towers it can be beneficial to double-up on the POWER P.e.bals as this increases the field strength and so the protection against these digital signals. Under less intense situations one would do the job.
my partner has a new skinny Nu-Me, but I have an old Snappy, probably about 10 years old. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to a new skinny, for when I’m not at home?
I would say yes as it will offer a higher level of protection.
And lastly, I often suffer from insomnia. Do you think the POWER P.e.bal will help, if EMFs are a cause, or would it be a good idea to get something like a set of Zen stones as well?
The POWER P.e.bal
nearby should be enough on its own. If you want to supplement this, 
the Nu-Me
will work alongside it. You could get 1 POWER P.e.bal and a 
Zen Stone Set
as an alternative.
If you have a question email 
You won’t believe how EMF affects our bodies
When we’re exposed to EMFs our bodies, that are electrical, at the base level, when we talk about signals that go from our brain, or even at the cellular level, when we’re exposed to those – what is happening, you know, even at the cellular level, or a little bit bigger? Well what’s happening-first of all, is these holes and our cell membranes, and so that’s causing calcium leakage. Calcium, it needs to be in a very narrow range in the body to do all of the… 
read the transcript …
Win a Stainless-Steel Evolution Design Nu-Me pendant with runner up prize of two RadiSafe cell phone shields
JANUARY 25, 2020
Protests will take place in many countries on 
Saturday, January 25, 2020
. This is the first Global Day of Protest against 5G. It is only the first of more to come until our voices are heard and the irradiation of the Earth is stopped. In the days leading up to 
January 25
, the 5G Space Appeal, with over 3,300 pages of signatures, will be delivered in person to many governments.
This threat to life on Earth is more immediate than climate change. If we want our children to have enough of a future even to fight climate change, our society must stop pretending that radio waves are harmless and that wireless technology is safe. It is not. It must end….
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Thinking of you. Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team. 
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077

Life Energy News January 2020

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