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February 3rd 2021
Slight Seconds POWER P.E.BALS are rare! But we have accumulated 41 over the last year so if you want a bargain BE QUCK, there won’t be any-more any-time soon.
Love is in the air. Valentine’s day is nearly here. Let your gift to your special someone carry your message of LOVE.
Create a tranquil Zen space for both you and your Valentine with a set of Zen Stones at a BIG discount.  
What do you want to read about in our newsletters – let us know.
Want a Power P.e.bal? you could win one enter here…  
We had technical difficulties with our email on Monday 1 Feb. If you tried to contact us or enter our compitition please re-send your email. Thank You
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments to help spread the cost of your purchase is now available at the check-out.
The price is discounted, and a multi-buy is available.
Stock is limited, it is strictly first come first served with no limit on quantity.
These are slightly aesthetically imperfect but energetically perfect so still do a powerful job of protection and balance.
As our usual returns policy does not apply this offer is for people that already know our products.
“thank you so much – everything arrived in record time. Mother and I really appreciate your efforts. As the P.E.BALS arrived, we both immediately began to sleep better too. I have had difficulty sleeping for years – as long as I can remember actually.” J.L., Australia
The Perfect Gift
At a Special Valentine price.
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments to help spread the cost of your purchase is now available at the check-out.
This offer is until Valentine’s Day on the 14th February or while stocks last.
“We had Christmas with my mother, who will be 90 this year, and has not been well and having trouble sleeping. Because we were away for a week, we took two of the stones with us – I have the HOPE stone in work at my desk.  My mum slept so much better while we were there with her and I was so sure it was the stones that we left the LOVE stone with her. Since then, is sleeping normally and is feeling generally better because of that.
So, we just have the PEACE stone at home now, which is fine – I have great peace of mind now knowing that my mum is feeling better.” Louise New Zealand
Ask us a Question – about Meditation
I have been told by my doctor that mediation will help my anxiety and depression. Lots has happened to me recently like losing a dear friend that has really brought me down. The world situation is not helping either it all seems so crazy to me, but my friends and family think I am the crazy one for questioning what is going on. I have tried to meditate but can’t switch my thoughts off. It is really hard to do and I feel like giving up. Have a product that will help?
It understandable that you are feeling as you do right now. You are nor alone but in the company of millions of others that are being affected by our global situation, the fear and uncertainty surrounding it. Added to this, and not to be underestimated, is the shift in vibration that is happening.
Energetically we are in a maelstrom. We can feel it but like anything intangible we cannot quantify it. Cannot put it in an intellectual box. For those that are sensitive, which probably includes most of our readers, there is the feeling of being knocked about. Out of sorts but unable put a finger on why.
Once we accept that this is happening, and ignore what people say or think about us, we can go with the flow. When we accept that there is nothing wrong with us – but very right – we can get on with our lives. Not easy, but I believe we are in the eye of the storm with the sun just hidden out of view by the clouds.
 So, meditation is a great tool to help us find and keep our equilibrium while we live with this. And it is wonderful that that your doctor has suggested it. Meditation is now mainstream – that’s progress.
But like all good things it takes practice, persistence, and finding a meditation that is right for you. There are dozens of ways but with the assistance of one of our energetic tools the simplest technique can take you into a deep and peaceful place inside.
This is a very easy way to meditate:
Hold a POWER P.E.BAL , Zen Stone or Shell Shield and sit in a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.
  •  Put your feet flat on the floor – this is grounding. Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes – be comfortable no one is looking.
  • Put your attention on your breath and notice your breathing. Normal breathing in-and-out. Focus on it. if your mind wanders – no biggy- just come back to focusing on your breathing. Feel it.
  • Do it for as long as feels comfortable, or you have time. Several short sessions throughout the day can feel good and help you a lot.
This may not be regarded as exactly classic meditation, but I just love it and I do it several times a day when I have a couple of minutes. Give it a go?
Sitting comfortably as before, holding a POWER P.E.BAL , Zen Stone or Shell Shield, just listen to your environment around you. Listen for the silence in between the sounds. Do not analyse or think about it at all. Do not name the sounds. Do not do anything but listen. Be the observer with your ears and give your mind a rest. Focus on just listening. Be in the moment – just doing that.
And if you have a QSB run it while you meditate it will help you to relax and go into a deeper meditative state.
Persevere – you will get it.
If you want to say anything or have a question email margie@life-energy.org
See our product comparison chart here…
Create a Sacred Space
Our Zen Stones offer
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments to help spread the cost of your purchase is now available at the check-out.
This discounted offer is available until Valentine’s Day 14th February or while stocks last.
Are we doing our job?
Newsletters can be a pain-in-the-bum. An In box full and with little spare time to read them. Some sources we know will have something interesting otherwise it is delete–delete-delete. We don’t want to be an automatic delete so please tell us what you want.
Deals, discounts, and offers are a given but what else do you want?
11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25
For decades, the public has been told there is no evidence that wireless technology is harmful. Claims of 5G harms have been dismissed as “conspiracy theory.”
A landmark case against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) contests these statements and asserts that the harms are proven and that an epidemic of sickness exists.
Recently, the leading environmental and health advocacy organizations that filed the case submitted 11,000 pages of evidence in support of their claims…… 
Despite Covid restrictions we are still here to help and support you. 
We are receiving and processing your orders as usual, and as always are available to answer your queries and answer your questions.
Shipping to some International destinations is taking a few days longer. This is current information from New Zealand Post and couriers.
If you are in a hurry to receive your order DHL will deliver Worldwide within a week. To get this service email bronwyn@lifeenergysolutions.com
The roll-out of 5G worldwide is causing concern and people experiencing radiation symptoms is growing rapidly. We need to stop it but until then make sure that you protected and safe as possible. What better gift to give to those we care about than EMF protection – everyone NEEDS it.
Energetically we are collectively feeling the global fear, repression, and suffering. It is a time when we must take care of our needs and be kind to ourselves and others.
Don’t forget that our products balance all forms of unbalanced energy, of which EMF is only one. So, use or wear, them to give you a boost and help you stay protected from all forms of unbalanced energy. It is always difficult to maintain your equilibrium when there is so much negativity around so make use of the tools that you have available.
Holding a P.e.bal, or Zen Stone:
  • When you feel stressed it will help you relax.
  • When you feel unwell it will help you manage your pain and assist healing.
  • When you are overwhelmed, it will help you regain your equilibrium and gain perspective.
  • When you are meditating it will help you to go deeper within.
The Solfeggio frequencies embedded in our products act homeopathically so that your body can take from them what it needs. If you have a QSB use it regularly to help you relax, sleep and heal.
Every day from 9am to 10am New Zealand time we are continuing to do distant healing with Scalar wave frequencies to heal people and our planet from the direct and indirect suffering caused by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic, and move us forward into a united, prosperous and enlightened world.
Win a Power P.ebal 
If you have always wanted one – to keep or give away – now is your chance to win one!
Thinking of you
Margie and David.
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077



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