Life Energy News February (4) 2020

  • May 6, 2020
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Life Energy news February (4) 2020

February 25th 2020
You wanted more – so we have given you another 3 DAYS to save money on a
We all know that x-rays produce harmful ionizing radiation but
what can we do about Overexposure?
Why is Wi-Fi harmful?
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“Ki-bal is by far the most powerful portable shield in this universe. It protects us from EMF on the go even at the most destructive environment i.e. factory, hospitals, schools. Given its size, my son find it so cute to carry it everywhere. Small yet powerful and the best part about it is it doesn’t require grounding or charging. I use blue tag to stick 1 on my steering wheel, I attached 1 piece to my daughter’s bag, 1 in my son’s bag, 1 with my banking device in my bag and I still want more of these babies!”
Brenda Pang, Singapore
Overexposure to X-rays
Recent emails from customers about x-rays and scans prompted me to re-read an article that I wrote several years ago. I got good information from a radiologist– after all, like me, you never know when we might have to get an x-ray!  
………………………“Very few patients’ show any concern about the ionizing radiation from x-rays” he told me “And they should”.He took me off the conveyor belt, so to speak, and spent ages explaining the range of radiation from the x-ray machines.Extremities, hands and feet, were the “safest”. Lungs and stomach the worse. Scanning machines for heads are a whole other nasty subject. He gave me an apron type thing, very heavy are they lead? He told me but my head is still on a go slow so I’ve forgotten. And..
Frequently asked question – Why is Wi-Fi harmful?
The frequencies that are used for transmitting Wi-Fi are so close to the frequencies that our own bodies use for self-communication that the Wi-Fi blocks them. When our body can’t self-communicate it understandably becomes stressed. In this state we can’t sustain our health mentally and physically. This is where dis-ease starts.
IMPORTANT: switch off your Wi-fi router when not in use.

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Win a Stainless-Steel Evolution Design Nu-Me pendant with runner up prize of two RadiSafe cell phone shields
Thinking of you. Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team. 

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