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  • May 6, 2020
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February 12th 2020
To celebrate the new
beautiful Silver Nu-Me pendants
 designs for THIS WEEK ONLY we are including a 926-silver finish Snake Chain.
Wi-Fi in schools is disastrous. Make sure that your children and grand children are protected from it.
Our kid’s protection offers
 are to help you do this. 
Have you entered our competition to win a Stainless-Steel Nu-me pendant? If not, you can 
THIS WEEK ONLY we are including a 926-silver finish Snake chain. A cotton cord is still included so it gives you the choice of how to wear it.
These new silver pendants are:
A new shape and design
Even smaller and lighter (approx. 4grams)
Even stronger in Silver over stainless steel
The inclusion of stainless steel makes it more durable and stronger.
Stainless steel is an excellent energy conductor meaning more power.
This means win, win, win in terms of energy balancing, EMF protection and a very  stunning piece of jewellery.
Offer only available from offers page linked above or
“I would like to let you know how deeply grateful I am for the healing that I have received from a recently purchased silver Nu-Me pendant. I have suffered from heart palpitations for 6 years, and since I have been wearing the pendant the palpitations have reduced by about 90%. After trying so many other things, it’s such a miracle to have a steady heartbeat again. Thank you from the bottom (and the top and the sides) of my heart :)”
P. Maywald CA, USA
Wi-Fi in schools  is destroying our grandchildren
*IMPORTANT: This offer is being offered to our newsletter readers and it is strictly first come, first served with no purchase limit. It CAN NOT be used with any other offer or discount and doing so will delay your order and or result in loss of the opportunity of getting any of these great seconds. If you do want to order other item using a discount code, make two separate orders and we will refund the extra postage.
Our kids are our future. If we don’t look after them, we are shirking our responsibly. They have no say in the amount of EMF radiation they are exposed to – but you do. And when you don’t like when they are in school or any public place then our duty is to protect them.
“Ki-bal is by far the most powerful portable shield in this universe. It protects us from EMF on the go even at the most destructive environment i.e. factory, hospitals, schools. Given its size, my son find it so cute to carry it everywhere. Small yet powerful and the best part about it is it doesn’t require grounding or charging. I use blue tag to stick 1 on my steering wheel, I attached 1 piece to my daughter’s bag, 1 in my son’s bag, 1 with my banking device in my bag and I still want more of these babies!”
Brenda Pang, Singapore
Ask us a question about protection from EMF in school 
: I am really worried about the amount of radiation my children get at school. We are careful at home and don’t have Wi-Fi but when I told the teacher and principal about my worries, they treated me as though I was mad. They won’t allow jewellery so a snappy or natty aren’t a possibility. Not sure about a key ring? They need protection desperately but what? 
Schools usually have high levels of EMF radiation and although some teachers are awake and aware of the dangers, many are swimming along with those in denial. 
Snappy and Natty
are a great and kids love them because their – cool. But if the school has a blanket ban even though they are in fact a ‘health device’ then a
are a great alternative as long as your children keep them nearby and not in a bag in the cloakroom or locker.
Please don’t be discouraged by those school staff that think EMF radiation is a myth. Educate them with research that has been done. Stand firm. Be persistent in meeting your child’s needs. Make sure their school is a safe place to be in.
If you have a question email 
See our product comparison chart 
Witness Healing as it Happens. 
We are please to be able to share this with you as it inspiring and uplifting – and not just because we are in it! We feature more in episode 2 in the series talking about the QSB.
The fr.ee screening has been extended until this coming Sunday (in the US).
On Friday January 31st, filmmaker and Autoimmune survivor Gabe Golden is offering a 10 day F.R.EE PREMIERE of the powerful feature documentary LIGHTING THE PATH.
This film follows the healing journeys of those seeking the underlying causes of Autoimmune and Lyme disease while providing incredible insights from the physicians and scientists leading the movement in true healing.
In addition to the film, you will have access to 5 additional episodes of extended content that provide a broad look at some of the most important components for reversing chronic illness. These interviews explore the latest on nutrition, the microbiome, biological medicine, balancing the nervous system, the latest technology and the science behind using meditation and intention for healing.
You can be empowered with this essential knowledge as well as provide help to anyone you know who may be one of the millions of people currently struggling with Autoimmune or Lyme disease.
Please accept my invitation to view the F.R.EE screening of this important and inspiring film and series.
Check out the trailer and register
here for access.
Do you live in the Hamilton (NZ) area and need help to cope?
Most of us have times in our life when it’s hard to cope. For those that are having a difficult or stressful time, for whatever reason, Dorothy is the perfect person to help you.  Her course 
De-stressing and Emotional Healing at only $8 a week will give you the help, advice, and tools to overcome life’s challenges.
 Sorry I am too far away to be there myself – I’d love to!
Class: De-stressing and Emotional Healing
Using: Solfeggio Frequencies, Essential Oils, and Creative Visualization
Where: Waimarie, Community House, 53 Wellington Street, Hamilton East
When: 17th February till 6
 April (8 weeks).
Time: Monday mornings 10 am – 11:30 am
Tutor: Dorothy Dando
Cost:$64 ($8 per week).
Register online
or visit 53 Wellington St, Hamilton East
or phone the Community House on 07 858 3453
Win a Stainless-Steel Evolution Design Nu-Me pendant with runner up prize of two RadiSafe cell phone shields
Thinking of you. Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team. 
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077

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