Life Energy News December 2019 (3)

  • April 28, 2020
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December 2019 (3)
December 17th 2019
Christmas means different things to each one of us. To some it is about the birth of Christ, to others a holiday, often a family get together time but for many a time of reflection, loss and loneliness.
 In all the bustle and commercialism, buying presents and stocking the food cupboard let us send some loving thoughts to those that can’t or won’t be celebrating.
Save money while buying meaningful gifts for loved ones.
With our Christmas packages
This offer can’t be used with any other discount or offer and while limited stocks last.
A QSB could be just what you need to ensure that you don’t get stressed or depressed this Christmas.
QSB is the best and quickest way to de-stress in just thirty minutes,
as blood testing shows
Christmas is often hyped-up to be something it often isn’t. Not everyone has a family. Many people spend Christmas on their own and need a little support with this. Family get togethers are often not idealistic and patience is needed to cope with the mix of personalities. 
This is the 
best QSB offer ever
. Make yours a calm, stress Fr*ee Christmas.
A friend of mine commented in the last fortnight that she can feel the calmness at my place.
She’s never mentioned that before in the many years I’ve known her….I did notice that the first time I ran the QSB at home – me, my partner and my daughter all went to bed and were sound asleep much earlier than usual (about 8.30/9.00pm instead of about 10.30pm). That was an interesting side effect! Claire V Wellington
You can read other experiences with the QSB 
Holidays are a great time to heal with Scalar waves
Holidays are a time when we do actually have some spare time, in what is for most of us a very busy life, to do some real healing. It is easy to neglect our needs is the relentless to-do-list we live. We mostly limp along learning to live with imperfect health and the related aches and pain symptoms. This becomes our norm. We accept it as just the way life is.
But we are underselling ourselves by doing this…
read more…
Margie, David and the Life-Energy Team. 
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
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Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
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