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  • August 4, 2021
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4th August 2021
They are beautiful. They are beneficial. And they are HERE. Our new crystal pendants embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies.
Can antidepressants really help Electrosensitivity? Find out here…
New prize draw to win a Stainless-Steel Nu-Me Evolution pendant.
Just arrived a collection of beautiful crystals made into exquisite jewellery. They are embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies, so they are potent as well as being gorgeous
I love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be without it now. Life Energy Solutions Facebook Frances, NZ
Ask us a question – about crystals
 What advantage does having scalar waves in a crystal have, and does it interfere or stop the properties that the crystal has naturally? How can I best clear my crystal of all the negativity that I know they absorb?
Scalar waves are the building blocks of life. Read all about them here….
The Solfeggio frequencies that are embedded in all our products, including our crystals, these are healing frequencies and when worn as jewellery they act homoeopathically on the body. Read about them here….
Having Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies embedded in crystals does not interfere with the inherent properties that the crystal has – in enhances them and gives the crystal another deeper level.
As you know crystals absorb negativity which unless cleared away blocks any beneficial properties it has, so keeping them ‘clean’ is imperative. There are many ways of doing this but the most effect and time efficient is to place them next to any of our moving and balancing products like a p.e.bal, Zen Stones or even a Nu-Me pendant. Our unique technology will not only cleanse the crystal it will include and broadcast its properties through-out its energy and protective field. So, keeping your crystals and crystal jewellery next to our energetic products when you’re not using or wearing them will be beneficial in more ways than one. Of course, if you wear a crystal pendant with your Nu-Me pendant you will be constantly cleaning the crystal!
Beware of crystal pendants being called ‘Scalar’ which is just a marketing name. This often applies to Shungite pendants from China. Shungite Is a crystal that can also be radioactive depending where it is mined.  
If you have a question email margie@life-energy.org
See all our energetic products here….
Can antidepressants help EMF symptoms?
It was while watching an interview on You Tube, that had had twenty thousand views, on Electrosensitivity that I became aware that antidepressants were being commonly used as a solution for Electrosensitivity.
The electrosensitive interviewee admitted that she had tried antidepressants to cope with her Electrosensitivity which were given to her because her doctor considered her condition to be psychosomatic. They didn’t help she said.
The interviewer then casually replied that he took Prozac, and it was probably different stoke for different folks. Knowing how much suffering is caused by EMF and Wireless I found his attitude dismissive. I didn’t watch any more……
What antidepressants can do to a brain that is not depressed? ………….. 
More solfeggio
Solfeggio music with binaural beats in the lower beta frequencies 14 to 30 Hz help meditation, stress release, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and offer pain relief. They also increase concentration and alertness, problem solving, and improve memory.
You can listen to it when meditating, when using your QSB (the music is not played through the QSB) or when you have your feet up and are relaxing. Healing at a casual level whenever it’s convenient.
Copper Nu-Me Yin Yang Pendant
Splitit – Interest f.r.e.e. payments are available at the check-out.
These Copper Yin Yang Nu-Me pendants are a Limited Edition of 30 only.
If you want something unique, that is not only a gorgeous piece of jewellery crafted in copper, this Nu-Me pendant is a once only opportunity. A true collection piece that has our balancing and protective technology.
“I have just picked up my new pendant and it is now dangling round my neck. The package arrived surprisingly fast. You guys don’t mess around! I am really pleased with the workmanship, it looks as good as the Web photos. Two thumbs up to the craftsman/woman and designer. I’m glad I stumbled upon your company. Money well spent.” Alex, Australia
Win a Stainless-Steel Nu-Me Evolution pendant.
Thinking of you
Margie and David
and the Life Energy Team
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077



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