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  • May 6, 2020
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April 1st 2020
Every day at 9am New Zealand time we are doing distant healing with  Scalar wave frequencies to heal the isolation, fear, pain and suffering caused by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic.
Join us.
Staying strong together – distance healing
How are you coping with living in this ‘changed world’? There is very few that haven’t been affected in one way or another and everyone has their coping mechanism, or not, as the case may be. It all seems a little bizarre and surreal at times to me. 
Whether we accept or rail against the restrictions, changes and everything else surrounding and caused by the CORONAVIRUS there can be no denying that life has changed. It is what we believe the outcome will be that makes all the difference. 
And we can definitely affect the outcome. We are co-creator energy with The Creator Energy, and we can use that alliance to create miracles. Towards this end we started using the powerful energetic tool, the QTB, that we have. So, if you also have the desire to heal the present situation and all those are suffering during it, if you want and believe we can and will come through this into a new, better and more evolved world, then please join us at 9am NZ everyday or whenever you can.
Together we can help create a better world. 
Global meditation for health, peace and abundance on April 4
You might be aware that there is a planetary conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto coming up on
April the 4th/5th
. This is reputed to provide a strong energetic potential to take our planet forward if we connect together and align with the intent for:
Global Health, Peace, and Abundance
Many people will be meditating on this day with the same intent.
Whatever your personal beliefs are, the power of intent is well proven, and
the power of collective intent is hugely powerful.
We will be connecting at the following time for 20 minutes with the QTB broadcasting a special frequency chosen to empower this process.
Whether you have sent us a photo or not, you can connect with your own intent at the following time:
10.45 PM EDT (New York)
. Your local time can be found on this link:
Please note this will be the 5th in NZ, Australia and some other places. Check the link above.
Let’s work together as the powerful creators we are to move us forward into a world where the POWER OF LOVE overcomes the love of power with peace, health, and abundance for all.
We’re still open at Life Energy Designs
We are receiving and processing your orders as usual. There may be only minor delays in shipping to International destinations. This is current information from New Zealand Post and couriers. 
We are here for you and as always, we are available to answer your queries and answer your questions.
Don’t forget that 
our products
balance all forms of unbalanced energy, of which EMF is only one. So, use or wear, them to give you a boost and help you stay protected from all forms of unbalanced energy. It is always difficult to maintain your equilibrium when there is so much negativity around so make use of the tools that you have available.  
Solfeggio frequencies 
embedded in our products act homoeopathically so that your body can take from them what it needs. If you have a
use it regularly to help you relax, sleep and heal. 
THREE prizes – a Zen stone LOVE, a Zen stone PEACE and a Zen stone HOPE.
Our thoughts are with you,
Margie and David.
Life Energy Designs Ltd.
P.O. Box 79188, Royal Heights, 
Auckland, 0656 New Zealand
+64 9 833 1077

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