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  • June 3, 2014
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Special EMF package with FR*EE Blockit-pockit and FR*EE Radisafe
*$10 off Blockit purses and leather Blockit-pockit
*Credit card theft – how much are you at risk?
*Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – a step too far.
*Australian Government ordered to pay damages to an employee exposure to EMF
*Win a Nu-Me Elan protective pendant
*Smile or frown at our funny and win a Solfeggio embedded crystal pendant


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June 2014


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Special EMF package with FR*EE Blockit-pockit and FR*EE Radisafe



$10 off Blockit purses and leather Blockit-pockit

Credit card theft – how much are you at risk?



Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – a step too far.

Australian Government ordered to pay damages to an employee exposure to EMF

Win a Nu-Me Elan protective pendant


Smile or frown at our funny and win a Solfeggio embedded crystal pendant






Are you sensitive? If you are then the probability of you being knocked about by electromagnetic radiation is greater. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is on the increase and that is the step too far.  


Margaret Lovell an internationally famed sculptress from the UK became Electromagnetic hypersensitive from using a cordless phone for long calls to her family abroad. We are talking a cordless land-line phone which can be found in most homes and work places, not a cell phone which most of us treat with caution, we know that they emit lots of radiation – but a “normal” every-day, chat-to-your-mother-for-hours type phone.


Read/ see a video of Margaret’s story here ……


So please exercise as much caution with your cordless phone as you do with your cell phone. Take stock of how much radiation you are being subjected to from all the things around you including your car! Please, please don’t go that step to far.

Our special offer to give MORE protection

With every family pack of 4 RadiSafe phone shields

Get an extra RadiSafe FR*EE


A FR*EE Blockit-pockit

Worth $157




When ordering put blockit in the comments box. You can pass this offer on to your friends, family, neighbours and mailing lists. Even your enemies – who knows EMF might by the thing that is making them objectionable!

Order here …….


This offer is available until 9th June or whilst stocks last

…I also feel really good knowing that the RadiSafe phone chips are protecting anyone who uses any of our phones and have noticed that my ear doesn’t get so hot now when I am having a good chinwag on the phone! ….. Thank you for your fantastic products! Louise, NZ

Credit card theft – it is so easy! 

There has been much publicity lately about the chips now appearing in our credit and debit cards call RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.  


Now these are cool at the pay counter. Just swipe them near the card machine and the card has a little electronic chat with the cash register – sharing your account details without you having to do anything as mundane or bothersome as entering your pin – and then the transaction is completed in a flash (assuming your credit is still good!)


The thing is, thieves think this tech is cool as well. All they need to do is buy a scanning gizmo for a hundred dollars or so and sidle on up near your pocket or handbag. The signal is good for a couple of inches so they don’t even need to bump into you but they still end up with your card details – number , expiry date and possibly your name as well.


These thieves are now set up to do some web or phone shopping on your account………………

Read more / Watch the video…


Protect yourself, your phone, and your credit/debit cards

For 8 days only or whilst stocks last.

$10 discount

On Blockit Purses and Leather Blockit-pockits


Enter purse or leather in the discount code box 

The Australian government were ordered to pay claims for health damage of an employee with Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

A case was brought against Comcare which is the Australian government agency in charge of enforcing worker safety laws. Isn’t that ironic?   Dr McDonald, a researcher and employee of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) since 1994 made four claims for compensation:


1.    aggravation of an electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome;


2.    chronic adjustment disorder with depressed moods;


3.    permanent impairment which has resulted from the adjustment disorder;


4.    Migraines.


This case was another significant step forward in recognition of the effects that Electromagnetic radiation has on the body even though the Tribunal did not recognize electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a medical condition. They did however accept that Dr McDonald suffered from a medical condition that was aggravated by exposure to EMF and resulted in migraines, depression and other symptoms.

Read all about it here ……

This is unbelievable-after 7 years of misery, itching and damaged skin, painful burning arms that no-one could identify-one night with my Life Energy device, and I slept like a baby, and can sit at my computer without tearing my arms to bits-where have you been all my life!!!!!! Thank you”.Barbi Speers, NZ

Smile or frown at our funny – let us know to be in the draw for a Solfeggio embedded crystal pendant


We had a show of hands here at Life Energy to see if this Funny was suitable for our newsletter.  Unanimously we all agreed that the cat was cute – and funny!  So let us know if you also find it funny – or not – and go in the hat to win a solfeggio embedded crystal pendant.  Email margie@life-energy.org. the winner will be announced in our NEXT newsletter.

Last funny winner is Pam La Rue. Pam send the address you want it posting to margie@life-energy.org.

Win a Nu-Me Elan protective pendant 

This is your opportunity to own an Elan protective pendant from our confidentioal range.  All the protection power of a standard Nu-Me but looking like no more than a very exclusive piece of jewellery.

Fill in the missing word and go into our draw to win one.

“The Nu-Me Elan has a classical ****** design”

You will find the answer here …….

Email the answer to margie@life-energy.org

The draw will be made at the end of June.  Be sure to look in our newsletter to see if you are the winner.

“I have found since I have been wearing my pendant and sleeping with  it under my pillow that I am so much more calm and centred!!!  It is really amazing.  I have been commenting to everyone that I feel so much less stressed, and more grounded.  I love it.  Thank you so much”  Linda M, Canada


Much has been said and written about money.  This is another interesting take on it:


“This planet has – or rather had – a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy   


Take care,

Margie, David and Jo

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