Newsletter June 2018

  • June 23, 2018
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* Webinars & QSB update,
* New stock arrived,
* Mammograms are more harmful than you think,
* Don’t underestimate the power,
* Win a silver classic Nu-Me pendant with 2 runner-up prizes of a RadiSafe phone shield,
* Have you claimed your prize draw prize?

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Webinars & QSB update




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We are going to do regular webinars with lots of information,and guest speakers with the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. Our webinars will be interactive, with lots of facts, news, and sharing.


Our first webinar is f.r.ee to join and is entitled: Healing, Vibrational medicine, and the QSB
Getting to the core of who we are, what ails us, and how we can heal.


Webinar 1 – Thursday 28th 7pm New Zealand time (Wednesday in U.S)
Not in New Zealand? Check here for your local time: HERE
Webinar 2 –
Sunday 1st July 3pm New Zealand time (Saturday in U.S)
International timing:


Our QSB community is growing and blossoming. Why not be part of it.


New stock arrived


Our new stock of healing wands has arrived. It has been quite a wait so thanks to all who put their names on our waiting list for your patience.
David is trying one of the new stock Nano wands on his back – with a little help from me. He thought that I was physically touching him, when I wasn’t, and said it felt like a warm gentle massage with immediate re duction in his pain and discomfort.
If you don’t know about our Life Energy Nano wands see what you are missing








Mammograms are more harmful than you think.





Whilst Mammograms are widely accepted as an effective method of screening for breast cancer, experts have suggested that they may cause more harm than good.
Whilst undergoing a mammogram, women are exposed to radiation. And as we know radiation is a cause of cancer.
An oncologist, brain surgeon and neuroscientist, Dr Russell Blaylock has estimated that by having an annual mammogram the risk to breast cancer could………read more….



Don’t under estimate the power.






Life energy technology is powerful – there is no disputing that. Over the years we have had amazing feedback as our
testimonials will show. But for some of those that are new to the technology it can be quite overpowering, overwhelming and sometimes daunting. It is not to be underestimated. This is why we say that some people need to adjust to the energy especially if the product is being worn or carried. Wear or carry it for two hours and take it off for two hours. In a couple of days your will have synced with your LED technology and feel totally comfortable and comforted with it.


If you need it you may have a detox. NEED. Nothing around our technology happens randomly or harmfully. You will get exactly what you – NEED. Remember that the technology is working on the energetic component of all that surrounds you – and you. It will always be bringing harmony and balance from the negative to positive. This of course includes EMF, but we must always bear in mind that this is not the only form of disturbed energy that adversely affects us.
Some people give up. They do. They are looking for a quick fix – a band aid. They are very much in the minority though, most people that come to us are very aware and informed, they want a permanent solution. The family’s and their own health and wellbeing is their priority.


Win a silver classic Nu-Me pendant with 2 runner-up prizes of a RadiSafe phone shield









Have you claimed your prize draw prize?


We have some unclaimed prizes –
go here to see if you won


Newsletter June 2018

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