Newsletter June 2017

  • June 12, 2017
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* Last chance to buy Cut price Snappy & Free RadiSafe, * Wi-Fi in Schools – A precautionary approach, * “The Medical Term for Putting Kids in Wi-Fi laden classrooms is F’ing Crazy”, * Answering your questions, * Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won, * Unclaimed prizes.
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A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.




This is the LAST DAY to buy our Nu-Me Snappy RadiSafe special offer. Stock on some colours is now limited because lots of concerned parents and grandparents have taken the opportunity of protecting their youngsters – and themselves.
In all honesty EMF is a scary subject. But we don’t want to get into any scare mongering – that doesn’t do anyone one a favour. What we want is for every-one to take their power back, be informed and be well. Our video blog gives you yet more empowering information, so you know exactly what you are dealing with – and what to do about it.
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Wi-Fi in Schools – A precautionary approach






Watch  here
Or read here


“The Medical Term For Putting Kids in Wi-Fi-laden classrooms is F’ing Crazy” Dr. George Carlo, G W University.







Watch here



Answering your Questions.




EMF can be generated in unexpected ways. This question educated us at Life Energy Designs how technology is being used for health and safety benefits but…………
Q. My daughter has type one diabetes and has her blood glucose sent to an iPhone every 5 minutes. For this to happen the phone needs to be within 6 meters of her. Bluetooth connects her transmitter that she wears on a sensor inserted into her skin. Wi-Fi then sends her blood glucose to our phones.

She has just turned 5 and at school it is difficult for the teacher to keep the phone within 6 meters of her so would prefer she wore the phone in a belt…. understandably I am concerned of the risks to other aspects of her health….. what product would you recommend for her… block-it pocket?? That she could have her phone inside?? Appreciate your advice.

A. If your daughter were to put the phone in a Blockit Pockit it would cease to be able to communicate with Bluetooth so this would not be a solution. The best solution would be to provide some general supportive protection for your daughter. We would suggest either a Snappy or Natty
Another solution that many parents have chosen is to attach a Ki-Bal or Chi-Shellto the school bag. This is strong enough to protect as long as the bag is nearby. Naturally this only works if the bag is in the classroom.
If you have a question please get in touch. We will answer by email and only share with our newsletter readers if it will help others and will always keep names and locations anonymous.
Sharing information is a great way for us all to learn.


Two prizes of a Nu-Me Natty to be won
Unclaimed prizes


We have some prize draws that have not yet been claimed.
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Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter June 2017

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