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  • June 5, 2019
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Last few $50 seconds P.e.bals. Learn Energy Healing.
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Our seconds p.e.balshave been flying out of the door to every corner of our planet. It seems that more people are awake to the dangers of 5G than even we thought. We are nearly sold out so if you want to bag a bargain, and protect you and your loved ones, don’t hang about.


Energy healing is no longer considered New Age or Alternative. Reiki is being offered now in some hospitals. If you want to learn how you can become an Energy Healer David has made a video to show you just how easy it is.
Our newsletter readers are always the first to get the latest news, special offers and discounts. Our QSB offer is for you only.
Have you entered our competitionyet? There are 3 ki-bal key rings to win.











Multibuy available
Note: These p.e.bals are original p.e.bals with a protective field of 18 meters/approx. 18 yards. Two of these have the same protective field as the new POWER P.E.BAL.
Please don’t hesitate when buying or keep your cart open as the stock numbers are dwindling every minute and when these p.e.bals are sold there will be no more as they are now a discontinued line. Money will be refunded on all orders we can’t fulfil.
Stock is now very limited, and this offer is strictly first come first served with no restrictions on quantity, but it can’t be used with any other discount or offer. You can pass it on to friends and relatives but please advise them that there is no returns policy on our seconds products.









Having your say



‘I have the p.e.bal purchased through David about February 2016 and love it!!! I know it covers 18 yards, but I actually take it wherever I go in the house and in the car.  It has been a great aid in reducing the amount of EMFs around me (and there are a lot I assure you).’ C.R., USA


We are always happy to hear from you email:







Learning how to do Energy Healing




Energy healing is the most basic, simple and fundamental healing concept there is. It is as old as time itself and a gift that has been given to every-one of us. It uses the knowledge of Quantum physics – everything is energy. When energy is blocked or disturbed, we become sick. That life Energy (Zero-point energy, chi, ki. Prana, Source Energy, the Creator, God, whatever name you want to call the energy that is the building blocks of life itself) is the facilitator for us to self-heal.
Because this may be hard to get your head around David has made a short video about energy healing to show you how easy it is to help facilitate healing on yourself and others.










Energy healing with the QSB




The QSB is ALL about real healing. Healing at a causal level which means digging away at the ‘roots’ of the dis-ease so that the healing is complete and is just about alleviating the symptoms. It is not a band aid.


The QSB works well alongside other healing modalities and energy healing.
So, if you want to take your or your clients healing to another level our special Newsletter reader only offer is still available to you.
Get 15% off your QSB purchase plus a FR*EE upgrade pack.
Use the discount code QSBfifteen



“I had my first group session with the QSB today – it went very well.  I also used relaxing essential oils to enhance the effect. I spent the first half of the time talking about the various different frequencies and the parts of the body they each work on. And then we shared what we were feeling and our own life experiences.  We will meet monthly (perhaps do a meditation next time) and we have decided to work on a particular area of focus each time. Next month we will work on forgiveness.”
If you want to start group sessions with your QSB and become an affiliate go here….











Ask us a question





Q. Are Life Energy Design protective products active or passive?
A.  What is meant by Passive and active?
Passive means that a device is not powered in any way.
Active means that a power source, usually a battery, moves energy from one pole to another through a device.
So, are our products passive or activeas they don’t have batteries or any external power source? The technology in them discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reichmoves energy through our devises which makes them very active- and – without extra costs, maintenance and inconvenience.





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