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  • June 5, 2013
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*With every scalar embedded crystal pendant we are giving you another fr*ee scalar embedded crystal pendant – for 7 days
*Win a Nu-Me Elan Pendant
*The winner of the Nu-Me Pizazz Pendant
*Crystal Healing – How Crystals Heal


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June 2013


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With every scalar embedded crystal pendant we are giving you another fr*ee scalar embedded crystal pendant – for 7 days 

Win a Nu-Me Elan Pendant    



The winner of the Nu-Me Pizazz Pendant

Crystal Healing – How Crystals Heal



Crystals fascinate most of us and as you know we at Life energy Designs work a lot with them. They are incorporated in our Technology and designs. To some people though crystals are merely the beautiful product of nature that are worth only the piece of jewellery they are mounted in. But when you look at crystals from a scientific point of view they are much, much more than that.

How wonderful nature is that it can produce graphite, the lead in pencils black as coal, and diamonds, strong enough to make an excellent cutting tool yet transparent and beautiful enough for exquisite valuable jewellery both come from one kind of atom – carbon.

So how come? The difference is in how those atoms are arranged. The atoms in a crystal are in a regular repeating pattern called the crystalline lattice. Although the existence of this lattice has been known for many years we have learned so much more even recently the scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) was invented. This allows us to see individual atoms. The lattice has a profound influence on the material’s properties.

So what about crystal healing? How does that work? To read more…….




Crystal Pendants with Scalar Waves too 


Our crystal pendants are so much more than any other crystal pendant because we embed them with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies.This enhances their healing abilities immensely because those frequencies work together with the frequencies of the crystal to heal at a causal level while enriching the power of the mind and spirits enabling you to be who you were truly meant to be.


All of our Nu-Me protective pendants, including the Snappy and Natty, and the ki-bal have Scalar waves embedded in their terminated clear quartz crystals which are included in the technology – these are effectively their “brains”. Whilst the orgone and vortex technology are moving the energy the crystals bring any unbalanced energy (including EMF) back to balance and a harmonious energy field is created. Your very own protective bubble.


With every scalar embedded crystal pendant we are giving you another fr*ee scalar embedded crystal pendant – for 7 days only. 


Silver chain with the First 10 orders received


Because we know how powerful our scalar embedded crystal pendants are we are giving you a fr*ee small amethyst tear drop scalar embedded crystal pendant with a cord that you can either keep or give to some on to help them on their healing journey.

Amethyst Silver Cross and Amethyst Wand Pendant

Amethyst is purple quartz, and is a meditative and calming stone. It benefits us emotionally, spiritually, and physically to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst is also beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues, which can lead to prosperity and abundance. Emotionally, amethyst helps deal with losses and grief. To order or read more……………….

Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. It is said to promote feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for and protect it. Picture Jasper’s grounding energy can give you astrong sense of who you are, to order or read more click here……..


Sodalite Dragon Pendant.

A crystal pendant whose beautiful dark blue Sodalite encased in a silver dragon is said to be an excellent stone for bringing mental clarity and encouraging rational thought

. It is also said to calm the mind allowing new information to be processed and taken in.     

Sodalite is said to bring joy to a heavy heart and to encourage self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance. To read more or to order click here…………….

White or Cream Jade is used to direct your energy and assist concentration by filtering out unwanted distractions. It has long been used to boost energy. In Crystal Healing, White Jade has been used for Attention Deficit Disorder and for other areas where focus and concentration is required.

White is extremely calming and can be used for grounding as well as assist in making decisions.  To read more or to order click here ……….

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace.  The most important crystal for the hear and heart chakra, it reputedly brings deep inner healing and self-love.  It is calming, reassuring and is excellent to use in trauma or crisis.

If you want to attract romantic love – wear Rose Quartz.  In existing relationships it can resore trust and harmony.

Rose Quartz replaces negative energy with loving vibes, strengthening empathy and sensitivity and the acceptance of necessary change. Emotionally it is the finest healer – releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self-worth. To read more or order click here….

Put “teardrop” in the comments box when you order. You can pass this offer to your friends but tell them they must use the password “teardrop” in the comments box as this is a special offer.Unfortunately this offer will not process if used with a discount code. It will close on 13th June – so don’t be too late! And hurry if you want the silver chain.

“…I have also been wearing the Solfeggio pendant which has eliminated about 99% of my stress – I also noticed when I was a little stressed at one point that it came up and then suddenly it was like the pendant gobbled the stress up! – if that makes any sense :)….. I haven’t felt this calm and peaceful in a very long time. I am so happy you are producing these products. I have and will recommend your products to everyone!” F Charman, Australia


The winner of the Nu-Me Pizazz pendant 


Congratulations Carolyn Dare Wilfred you have won a beautiful Nu-Me Pizazz Pendant, please send us the address that you want it mailing to.
Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time –  have a go at this month’s fr*ee prize draw to win a Nu-Me Elan. You might be lucky this time.


Win a Nu-Me Elan pendant


A Nu-Me Elan pendant could be yours if you answer this easy question:

Answer this simple question and be in the draw to win.

“What size is the Nu-Me Elan?”

You can get a little help with the answer here http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/nu-me-confidential/

Email your answer to:  margie@life-energy.org

“I bought the NU-ME Pendant for my Daughter’s 30th Birthday and when it arrived I thought I would wear it until her Birthday. Now it is impossible for me to give it back as it has changed my life. So I have to buy another one for my Daughter and also my Sister is quiet excited about it and is going to get one too. I will continue to share my experience as it has changed my life.”  Lucy Clamp, London
Something that made us smile – because it is so true!

“Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.” – Franklin P. Jones

Sending you the best,
The Life Energy Designs team.

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