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  • June 19, 2015
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*Save over $100 on a Family EMF protection package,
*Frequently asked question,
*Win a copper Nu-Me protective pendant


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June 2015 (2)


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Save over $100 on a Family EMF protection package

A group of scientists, have appealed to the United Nations concerning the health risks associated with EMF and the revision of guidelines on safe exposure limits. They state that many recent scientific publications indicate that EMF affects living organisms at exposure levels levels well below generally accepted official guidelines. 

This is not something new to the minority of people aware of this problem and perhaps using our products to help mitigate their EMF exposure but it is exciting to see that so many scientists are joining forces to highlight the seriousness of this problem.

Their list of observed affects are familiar and now well researched: increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in destructive……read more

Until 21st June 2015

Save over $100 on a Family EMF protection package

A P.e.bal

Plus a Nu-Me Natty

And two FR*EE RadiSafe



See and order here ……..

The p.e.bal will protect a whole house hold from electromagnetic radiation. The Nu-Me Natty is suitable for both adults and children being a robust, modern designed protective pendant that will give protection 24/7 everywhere and anywhere. Whilst the RadiSafe phone shield take care of the ionising radiation from your cell phone.

An all-round EMF package that will give all-round care.

This offer is for 6 days only until 21st June and can’t be used with any other offer or discount – sorry.

“I have both the Nu-Me and p.e.bal. I have to agree with other commentators and yes you may quote me. I live in Te Atatu south, in an area, which has a lot of high voltage power lines/towers, plus there is a huge satellite dish near me. As soon as a I put on the Nu Me pendant I felt instantly relaxed and grounded. I feel far more in tune with my surroundings and energies. Thank you, I will be recommending you to all my friends.” Michelle, NZ


Frequently asked questions
Q. What is the best way to protect my family from Electromagnetic radiation?
A. To protect the whole family and pets in the home a
p.e.bal does an excellent job of Electromagnetic protection. Of course when they leave the house they won’t be in the P.e.bals protective field so they need personal protection. The workplace and schools usually have unacceptably high levels of EMF radiation. So do public places – shops, shopping malls, cafes, airports, restaurants, bars, and night clubs – just about everywhere.
ki-bal is the most economical protection for children and adults alike. So too are the
Nu-Me Natty and Snappy. The Nu-Me protective pendant range will not only protect against EMF but will assist health and wellbeing in general. All these products are embedded with cutting edge
scalar waves which benefit at a fundamental level.


Cell phones which beams ionising radiation straight into the head needs
RadiSafe protection shields. This simply adheres to the cell phone and has been tested to reduce the radiation by more than 80%. No more hot ears, headaches and much worse that can develop over time!


Babies can’t wear anything, although some customers put a Nu-Me Snappy around their ankle, so a ki-bal attached to the cot or pram is ideal. Many, many customers use a
Negater Shell tucked under the mattress to protect their precious tiny one. They say that the shape is just perfect.


Nu-Me Natty Pet takes very good care of your animal family members.

“Karollina Marfell wrote: “Shared your page and….BIG shout out for Life Energy Solutions… Excellent products, highly recommended. I have the P.e.bal and Ki-Bal (key ring version of the P.e.bal). I have placed the radiation shield blocker on the portable landline phone. I wear the Nu-Me pendant often with a clear quartz enhanced with scalar and solfeggio frequencies and the bracelet, the one just posted. Great prices also. Fast prompt service. 🙂 ~*~”posted on Life Energy Solutions face book page.


Win a copper Nu-Me protective pendant
A Nu-Me pendant, that is as distinctive as only copper can be, can be yours if you answer this simple question and go in the draw to win .
“What are embedded in our Nu-Me pendants?”
It is not cheating looking for the answer here…..


“Thank you for the Nu Me pendant. We have 3 cell phone towers within 100m, 10 Wi-Fi networks running through our house from neighbours, 7 computers of our own, and over 100 mains powered appliances…We are suffering from stress and fatigue 




After wearing my pendant for 6 days I find I’m sleeping better and feeling less stressed. I am able to let go of things and forget about them. After borrowing my pendant yesterday my partner wants one herself (but a bit smaller)

We have been testing the pendant using muscle testing and getting good results.”  I. Gregson, NZ



This is definitely our kind of advice:
“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I started.  So far I’ve finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake.  I feel better already.”  Dave Barry
With smiles and love
Margie, David and Jo
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