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  • July 1, 2012
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*Scalar waves could help us survive.
*Fr*ee Scalar embedded pendant with every p.e.bal
*Win a p.e.bal
*How does your body cope with Wi-Fi?

Life Energy Designs Newsletter   

July 2012


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*Scalar waves could help us survive.

*Fr*ee Scalar embedded pendant with every p.e.bal

*Win a p.e.bal

*How does your body cope with Wi-Fi?


Turbulent times? You bet. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with all those people around the world who are suffering the outcomes of “natural “disasters. We are having a rough ride at the moment. It is easy to get over whelmed even despondent. What next?



Nikola Tesla

There may how ever be help available from what Nickola Tesla called scalar waves over a hundred years ago and is only now starting to get the recognition it deserves.


Research and study of scalar waves will possibly increase our chance of survival during chaotic periods in the future. By understanding them we could learn how to constructively utilize them to stabilize our planet during periods of solar fluctuations, sun spots, flares, etc.

So what are scalar waves? Read more ……. http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/scalar-waves/

To see how we use scalar waves: http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/solfeggio-pendant/ http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/nu-me/

“….I bought a Jasper for my brother Tom and it has transformed him he is on \”cloud nine.\” They would make an excellent gift” Jackie Dow – NZ


Special offer with double benefits and Scalar Waves


Get the benefit of scalar waves directly from our Turquoise pe
which is embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies. Of course the turquoise crystal has its own special, beneficial frequencies. What a lot in one little package. And it is fr*ee with every p.e.bal purchase.

The p.e.bal will protect every home and work place from Electromagnetic field radiation – and that includes your Wi-Fi

Stocks are limited but you can offer this to your friends. Put Scalar in the comments box when you order http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/pe-bal/

This offer is until the end of August or while stocks last.

“..the p.e.bal & Negater Shell have changed my life for the better in such a short time.  After nearly two years of being unable to sleep in the bedroom with my husband because of the high level radiation problems there (due to space restraints we couldn’t move the bed anywhere else in the house), I have been able to successfully sleep there since obtaining your products.   


The first couple of nights I experienced only minimal night terror hallucinations (and no sleep walking!), but in the nights since I have slept without any of these distressing symptoms. Both my boys suffer sleep disturbances, sleep walking and night terrors as well, but they have had no episodes since the p.e.bal has been in place. They also report feeling more rested in the mornings, are waking bright and in good spirits…” RC, Queensland, Australia


Win a p.e.bal

Our prize draw is for a p.e.bal – by popular request.

Answer this simple question and we will put your name in the hat.

“Who discovered the technology that the p.e.bal uses to move energy?”

A little help here http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/technology/

Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org If you have already answered you are still in the hat.

This competition will be drawn on 31st July

“It’s been more than a month since I purchased my first P.e.bal and I’m proud to tell you that it has been performing great! There was peace in the house, less tension between people, the atmosphere was lighter. In fact, the first day it came from the mail, my family felt drowsy. My nephew had less night terrors, they weren’t severe like he used to cry all night. Thank you! I guessed that I needed to place it on my palms from time to time and wish/meditate upon it. It seems to me like it needs to absorb positive energy and good wishes from someone when I notice that there is quite a spark of tension within the family.” Elijah P. MA   U.S.A

How does your body cope with Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is accepted by many as a normal part of life – something that does a job and nothing more. But that’s not true. More and more evidence points to how detrimental Wi-Fi is to our health as Murray told us:

I have recently experienced two unpleasant situations relative to Wi-Fi. 1st situation was at my son’s house when he offed his i-pad for me to view an app. As soon as I brought the i-pad within close proximity to me I developed a headache. Conversely as soon as I gave the i-pad back the headache disappeared. Murray Laird, New Zealand


To read more about what Murray has to say:


When you are not using Wi-Fi switch it off and give your body a break.


Thanks for your support and all the information



We were touched by how many responded to our last newsletter. Thank you so much. We are compiling all the information you sent us so that we can include it on our website.

If you have found any research that has been done on how EMF and cell phones affect our health, please send it to margie@life-energy.org then we can share it.

Your emails brighten our day.


“A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.” Stephan Hoeller

Thinking of you,

Margie and David.


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